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  • Anthropic launches Claude Teams at $30/user/mo, testing collaboration features

Anthropic launches Claude Teams at $30/user/mo, testing collaboration features

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Top stories today:

  1. Anthropic launches Claude Teams at $30/user/mo, testing collab. features
  2. Fed keeps rates unchanged, as Powell says rate hikes “unlikely”
  3. CoreWeave raises $1.1B at $19B valuation, from $7B in Dec.
  4. Novo Nordisk’s revenue +22% to $9.4B, net profit +28% to $3.6B
  5. Airbnb launches new extraordinary ‘Icons’ homes

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1. Anthropic launches Claude Teams at $30/user/mo, testing collaboration features

Unclear how collaboration will work or how useful it will be in the short-term:

“In the coming weeks, we will be releasing additional collaboration features, including:

  • Citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims,

  • Integrations with data repositories like codebases or CRMs, and

  • Iterating with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects.”

Claude for iOS was also released

Read more: Ars Technica.

2. Fed keeps rates unchanged, as Powell says rate hikes “unlikely”

Markets still expect only 1 rate cut in 2024:

Markets briefly got excited when Powell said that “it is unlikely that the next rate move will be a hike”, but gave back gains over the day

  • On rate cuts: “I don’t know how long it’ll take. I can just say that when we get that confidence then rate cuts will be in scope, and I don’t know exactly when that will be.”

  • Powell suggested cuts require “sufficiently” restrictiveness: “I do think the evidence shows pretty clearly that policy is restrictive and is weighing on demand. We believe over time it will be sufficiently restrictive.”

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4. CoreWeave raises $1.1B at $19B valuation, from $7B in Dec.

Making it the #3 generative AI decacorn:

  • Led by Coatue, whose latest fund has been reportedly losing money and who was one of the most active funds during the 2021 high.

5. Novo Nordisk’s revenue +22% to $9.4B, net profit +28% to $3.6B

Note, all prices are in DKK (1 USD = 7 DKK):

Weight loss drugs led growth, with Wegovy +106%, Ozempic +42%

Both drugs are semaglutide, with Wegovy being the brand name for obesity, and Ozempic for diabetes (even though many take Ozempic for weight loss):

6. Airbnb launches new extraordinary ‘Icons’ homes, including Disney’s Up house, Musée d’Orsay

Airbnb screenshot.

  • <$100/night cost.

  • Mostly a marketing stunt.

  • Wed: Q1 earnings report.

    • Revenue exp. +14% YoY to $2.06B.

7. Freer countries have younger leaders: Pew study

8. 42% label China as enemy, 50% as competitor, 6% partner

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines


  • Atlassian launches Rovo, AI assistance + agents for enterprise.

  • NVIDIA updates ChatRTX with Google's Gemma models.

  • Microsoft will invest $2.2B in AI infra in Malaysia.

  • SK Hynix sells out chip capacity through most of 2025.

  • CFTC names 1st Chief AI Officer, Ted Kaouk.

  • HubSpot: Ready to give yourself some time back at work?*

  • Cleo: The AI that turns your financial life into an easy conversation.*

* Sponsored.

Tech earnings

  • Qualcomm's revenue +1% YoY to $9.39B in Q1.

  • eBay's revenue +2% to $2.56B.

  • DoorDash's revenue +23%, to $2.51B, as net loss narrows to -$23M.


  • Google paid Apple $20B to be default search engine in 2022.

  • Tesla rescinds offers of some intern hires.

  • LinkedIn launches 3 “thinking games”: Pinpoint, Queens, Crossclimb.

  • Snap’s new features include typo edits, AI-powered reminders.

  • Kinde: customer identity and access management in a few lines of code.*


Tech & law

  • Huawei secretly funding research at Harvard, other unis.

  • Starlink will likely be key for $42B high-speed program.

  • Google to U.S.: update immigration rules to bring in AI talent.



  • Starbuck’s revenue -2% to $8.6B, guides down, stock -16%.

  • EU weighs €100B in subsidies for domestic manufacturing.

  • Embraer plans Boeing 737 competitor.


  • Bitcoin ETFs see record outflows of $563M on Wed.

  • Layer Zero finalizes snapshot for potential airdrop.

  • Elliptic, MIT, IBM using AI to detect money laundering in crypto.

U.S. politics

  • Speaker Johnson faces outsing vote next week initiated by MTG.

  • Trump on 2024 results: “if everything's honest, I'll gladly accept.”


  • U.S., Saudis near security pact with guarantees, path to ties with Israel.

  • Blinken presses Netanyahu for deal with Hamas before Rafah op.

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