Apple gets 36% of Google's revenue in search deal

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  1. Apple gets 36% of Google's revenue in search deal
  2. CPI, core CPI expected at 0.1%, 0.3% for Oct.
  3. Life expectancy gender gap increasing
  4. Israel says Hamas continues to operate within hospitals

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1. Apple gets 36% of Google's revenue in search deal

2. CPI, core CPI expected at 0.1%, 0.3% for Oct., with core above its 0.16% monthly target

  • CPI: expected at 0.1% MoM / 3.3% YoY in October, from 0.4% / 3.7% in September.

  • Core CPI: exp. at 0.3% / 4.1%, from 0.3% / 4.1%.

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4. Life expectancy gender gap increasing due to Covid, accidents, homicide, heart disease

Life expectancy in the U.S. has been falling significantly since 2020

5. Israel says Hamas continues to operate within hospitals, as 70-hostage swap nears

6. South Korea’s memory-chip exports +1% YoY in Oct., after -18% in Sep.

7. Commercial loans’ non-judicial foreclosure sale notices hit record in 2023

8. Russia exporting most of its oil above $60 price cap

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines


  • NVIDIA showcases H200 chip.

  • YouTube to require AI disclosures.

  • 35 VC firms sign pledge to invest in responsible AI.

  • Youtube co-founder launching EyeTell, AI to generate video scripts.

  • OpenAI’s 6-member non-profit board: a look at.

  • Hypertype is the best AI that answers emails using your company data.*



  • Foxconn’s revenue -12% YoY to $47.6B in Q3, income +11% to $1.3B.

  • Brex’s revenue +1% QoQ to $283M ARR in Q3, expenses still 2x its revenue.

  • SpaceX’s Starship to make 2nd test flight as early as Friday.

  • Snap to allow direct purchases of Amazon products, following Meta.

  • Uber Tasks in testing in Florida and Alberta.

  • Truth Social: $4M in revenue, -$73M in losses since 2022 launch.

  • WhatsApp launches voice chat feature for larger groups.

  • X to change algorithm to highlight posts from smaller accounts.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • Sportradar: NBA player tracking measures usage like never before.*


Tech & law

  • Google pays Samsung $2B/year to make Google default search, store.

  • TikTok banned in Nepal.


  • Pfizer’s weight-loss pill may be as effective as competitors’ injections.

  • Lifestyle choices slow aging, but slowly.


  • Yellen disagrees with Moody’s negative outlook on U.S.

  • China’s economy: a look at.


  • The Block sold to Foresight Ventures at $70M valuation.

  • FTX former employee seeks $275K in unpaid bonus.

  • gets Dubai license.

U.S. politics

  • Nikki Haley will launch $10M ad campaign in Iowa and NH in Dec.

  • Speaker Johnson proposes stopgap bill to avert shutdown on Fri.

  • Supreme Court launches code of conduct amid ethics scrutiny.

  • Trump: federal prosecutors object against televising D.C. trial.

  • Maryanne Barry, Trump’s eldest sister, dies at 86.



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