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  • Apple may be working on Ring, Glasses, improved Airpods, HomePod

Apple may be working on Ring, Glasses, improved Airpods, HomePod

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Top stories today:

  1. Apple may be working on Ring, Glasses, improved Airpods, HomePod
  2. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring sees more details revealed
  3. Buffett calls Munger “architect of Berkshire,” as earnings +21% in 2023
  4. Figure AI raises $675M at $2B pre-money valuation
  5. BYD announces $233K premium EV, proposes doubling buyback

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1. Apple may be working on Ring, Glasses, improved Airpods, HomePod

  • A HomePod with “iPad-like display” is the most likely of these to be launched soon, possibly in 2025+.

  • The Apple Ring would be a much cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch, and also focus on health features.

  • Apple’s glasses would be cheaper, lighter versions of the Vision Pro, and potentially an AirPods replacement.

  • Adding cameras to the AirPods is being studied by Apple.

  • Rumors reported by Bloomberg just 1 day before Samsung’s Galaxy Ring announcement (details below).

2. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring sees more details revealed

  • Health sensors include heart rate, movement, and respiratory indicators.

  • My Vitality Score is their new metric based on sleep, activity, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

  • Launch date: 2024, month TBD.


4. Buffett calls Munger “architect of Berkshire,” as operating earnings +21% to $37.4B in 2023

Buffett started Berkshire Hathway’s 2023 letter to shareholders with a homage to Charlie Munger, who died at 99 this year:

  • “No possibility of eye-popping performance,” writes Buffett.

Operating earnings’ growth was led by insurance, helped by higher interest earned on their record $169B float

Berkshire’s cash position grew to a record $168B, as Buffett held off on acquisitions and share purchases

5. Figure AI raises $675M at $2B pre-money valuation, from Bezos, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Amazon, Intel, OpenAI

  • Bezos’ investment suggests Figure and Amazon may be working together on using Figure’s AI-powered robots on Amazon facilities.

  • OpenAI considered acquiring Figure “at one point.”

  • Disclaimer: we’re indirect investors in Figure.

Meanwhile, Elon posted a new video of Tesla’s Optimus robot on X

Tesla and Figure are seen as the top 2 players in humanoid robots:

6. BYD announces $233K premium EV, proposes doubling buyback

  • Yangwang U9 takes 2.36 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph).

    • Vs. 1.99 seconds for the Tesla Model S Plaid’s 0 to 60.

  • Exclusive to China, for now.

  • Stock was +5% after the buyback doubling announcement, but closed at +1%.

7. iPhone remains leader in Europe, at 30%, with Samsung at 29%, Xiaomi 18%

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • Gemini coming for Google Messages this week in beta.

  • Google explains Gemini’s failure to draw historical figures accurately.

  • Humane Ai Pin’s delivery delayed to mid-April.

  • HubSpot: download 100 curated ChatGPT prompts, for free.*



  • Microsoft offered to sell Bing to Apple in 2018.

  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra launches in Europe for €1,499.

  • X rolling out audio, video calls to non-Premium subscribers.

  • Google tests removing News tab from search results.

  • Thiel Fellowship’s success: a look at.

  • citizenM has 14 tech-ready hotels stateside for the best night's sleep of your life.*


Tech & law

  • Supreme Court to hear arguments on online free speech today.

  • TSMC opens 1st chip plant in Japan, $5B in new subsidies announced.

  • SpaceX pressured by House China committee to offer services to Taiwan.



  • AT&T to reimburse most affected customers $5 over outage.

  • Ackman hires law firm, urges Business Insider to correct story.


  • MicroStrategy’s X account hacked.

  • All-time VC funding reaches $90B.

  • Binance’s $4.3B plea deal approved by judge, CZ’s sentencing in Apr.

  • DOE agrees to temporarily suspend crypto miner survey following lawsuit.

  • tea Protocol: click to subscribe to tea's newsletter and learn more about how to get rewards for your open-source contributions.*


U.S. politics

  • RNC chair to step down on Mar. 6, as Trump seeks to install allies.

  • Koch network stops funding Haley after 60% - 40% loss to Trump in SC.

  • Partial shutdown deal not reached in Washington.

  • Vivek, Noem tied as top VP choices at CPAC straw poll.

  • Fake AI Biden robocall: dem operative admits to being creator.

  • Trump’s D.C. hotel: new owner defaults on $100M loan.


  • Netanyahu: “total victory” “weeks away” after Rafah operation.

  • Sunak calls for $300B in Russian frozen assets to be given to Ukraine.

  • Russia preparing new offensive in late May+: Zelensky.

  • Navalny’s body handed to mother, funeral TBD.

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