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  • Bitcoin jumps then falls after SEC (mistakenly) says on X ETF approved

Bitcoin jumps then falls after SEC (mistakenly) says on X ETF approved

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Top stories today:

  1. SEC (mistakenly) says on X Bitcoin ETF approved
  2. Rabbit’s R1: $199, no subscription AI device announced
  3. Keith Rabois goes back to Khosla Ventures
  4. Taiwan war could lead global GDP -10%: model

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1. Bitcoin jumps then falls after SEC (mistakenly) says on X ETF approved

It all started with this tweet from SEC's account on X:

SEC Chair Gensler said the tweet was a result of a hack, but Bitcoin's price had already gone up. It went down after Gensler's tweet

Valkyrie CEO said he was “95% sure” Bitcoin ETFs would be approved Wed and start trading on Thu

Some ETF providers are promising 0% initial fees, to lure in investors

2. Rabbit’s R1: $199, no subscription AI device announced at CES

In addition to basic apps like Q&A and ride-sharing, you can teach R1 to execute web or app tasks, such as creating an AI image on Midjourney

R1’s 25-min launch keynote clearly was filmed with the iPhone 2007 keynote in mind

Read more: The Verge.

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4. Keith Rabois goes back to Khosla Ventures, from Founders Fund

  • Will serve as 1 of 5 managing directors in $3.1B in new capital that Khosla raised across 3 funds: $1.6B for its 8th flagship, $0.5B for seed, and $1B for its 2nd opportunity fund.

  • To open Khosla’s Miami office.

  • “I learned more about how to build a startup from [Founder Fund’s Peter Thiel] than anyone, and that is still true. Whereas Vinod [Khosla] is probably more of my model as an investor,” Keith Rabois told Forbes.

5. Taiwan war could lead global GDP -10%: Bloomberg model

6. Mobile economy +6% to 533B in 2023, with ads representing 68% of total revenue

7. U.S. home prices +0.2% MoM, +5.2% YoY in Nov.: CoreLogic

8. Centenarians expected to 5x in U.S. in 30 years, from 100K to 500K people

9. Citizenship-by-investment programs generate 50%+ of revenue of St. Kitts, Dominica’s governments

And the EU may soon reduce their attractiveness, if they remove access their visa-free access to the border-free Schengen Area:

10. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

11. Other headlines


  • TSMC’s revenue +1% YoY to $20.1B in Q4.

  • PhotoRoom raising $50M-$60M at $500M-$600M.

  • Microsoft releases text-to-video model DragNUWA.

  • Quora raises $75M from a16z to focus on Poe.

  • OpenAI head of public policy: profile.


  • Vision Pro reviews being “carefully [orchestrated]” by Apple.

  • 4M XR headsets expected to be sold in 2024, from <3M in 2023.

  • Google, Samsung team up for Quick Share, easier file sharing on Android.

  • Segway announces e-bikes.

  • YouTube adds support for RSS uploads.

  • Amazon’s Twitch to cut 35% of staff, or ~500 employees.

  • Match, Tinder parent, names new CEO after activist Elliott buys stake.

  • X announces exclusive shows with Don Lemon, Tulsi Gabbard.

  • NASA’s crewed lunar missions delayed to Sep. 2025+.

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Tech & law

  • Meta to automatically restrict teen users from harmful content.

  • Ohio law limiting kids’ use of social media halted by judge.



  • SVB-connected BTFD Fed program set to expire on Mar. 11.

  • Boeing CEO: company needs acknowledge “our mistake.”

  • Jane Street has $7.3B in net trading revenue for Q1-Q3 2023.

  • Saudi Arabia overtakes UAE in startup funding: $1.4B in 2023.

  • BlackRock cuts 3% of global workforce.

  • Bain #1 best place to work, according to Glassdoor.

  • Arrived: learn how to invest as little as $100 in fractional real estate, which has outperformed the S&P500 over the past 20 years.*


U.S. politics

  • Trump immunity appeal met with skepticism, ruling could come today.

  • Spending bill won’t be done in time, Senate Republicans say.

  • Austin admitted at ICU last week due to prostate cancer surgery complication.

  • Ray Epps, J6 target, sentenced to 1 year of probation.

  • Harvard given 2 weeks to produce documents for House panel.

  • Melania Trump’s mother dies at 78.


  • Blinken pressures Israel to work with Palestinian leaders.

  • Houthis continue launching missiles on Red Sea commercial ships.

  • Ecuador declares “internal armed conflict.”

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