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  • Charlie Munger, Buffett partner and Berkshire vice-chair, dies at 99

Charlie Munger, Buffett partner and Berkshire vice-chair, dies at 99

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  1. Charlie Munger dies at 99
  2. Amazon Q, AI chatbot for enterprise, launches in preview
  3. OpenAI's new board not expected to include Microsoft
  4. Pika, AI video creator, editor, launches in beta with $55M
  5. Cyber Monday online sales +10% YoY in U.S.

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1. Charlie Munger, Buffett partner and Berkshire vice-chair, dies at 99

Poor Charlie's Almanack, a compilation of 11 talks by Munger, is being republished by Stripe Press, out Dec. 5

2. Amazon Q, AI chatbot for enterprise, launches in preview at $20/user/mo


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4. OpenAI's new board not expected to include Microsoft, investors

5. Pika, AI video creator, editor, launches in beta with $55M fundraising

Our view: it will be exciting to see what Google Deepmind and OpenAI release in this category

  • Big potential for these AI giants to outperform, given OpenAI's leadership in generative AI and Google Deepmind's access to YouTube data.

6. Cyber Monday online sales +10% YoY in U.S., led by Buy Now Pay Later (+43%)

7. DepolarizingGPT: chatbot that gives you 3 answers, from the left, center, right

8. Hamas releases 12 more hostages, as ceasefire is expected to end on Thu

9. U.S. suicides reach record 49K in 2022

Firearms are used in 55% of suicides

10. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

11. Other headlines


  • SDXL Turbo: faster text-to-image model from Stability.

  • Enterprise customers using GPT-4 to fine-tune cheaper Llama models.

  • guidde AI allows you to create stunning video-based FAQs, how-to's, training docs.*



  • Apple seeks to exit credit-card partnership with with Goldman.

  • .meme domains now available on Google Registry.

  • Vision Pro: 400K production starting in Dec., 1M sales goal for 2024.

  • NVIDIA co-founder that would be worth $70B: profile.

  • Social media not correlated to mental health: new 2M people study.

  • Temu to again buy Super Bowl ads; 68% of digital ad spend on Meta.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

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  • folk is the all-in-one CRM: try for free.*


Tech & law

  • Meta to block political ads 1 week before vote, as before.

  • Epic v. Google: judge encourages settlement.

  • Adobe, Figma: UK's CMA says deal would likely harm innovation.

  • AMD's new global design center in Bengalore will house 3K engineers.



  • Ackman sees rate cuts before June.

  • Home prices +0.7% MoM to record, 8th consecutive positive month.

  • Rupert Murdoch deposed in $2.7B Smartmatic defamation suit.

  • Mark Cuban to sell stake in Mavericks to Adelson family for $3.5B.

  • Intuit's revenue +15% to $2.98B in Q1 FY24.

  • HPE's revenue -7% YoY to $7.35B.


  • DCG, Genesis reach settlement: DCG to pay ~$500M.

  • CZ steps down from Binance US's board.

U.S. politics

  • Koch-backed super PAC endorses Nikki Haley.

  • Biden sends email to 800K students about forgiven debt.



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