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  • ChatGPT adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive integrations

ChatGPT adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive integrations

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Top stories today:

  1. ChatGPT adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive integrations
  2. Reddit stock +13% after partnership with OpenAI
  3. Midjourney v6 leads new text-to-image model leaderboard
  4. 15 billionaires now at or above $100B, a record

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1. ChatGPT adds Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive integrations

  • Interesting that Google Drive is above Microsoft OneDrive, even after Microsoft invested $10B+ into OpenAI.

You can now edit tables and create charts directly on ChatGPT

2. Reddit stock +13% after partnership with OpenAI

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4. Midjourney v6 leads new text-to-image model leaderboard

  • Ahead of Stable Diffusion 3 and DALLE 3 HD.

  • Ranking is a result of user votes in blind tests comparing 2 models, similar to LMSYS’s Chatbot Arena Leaderboard we usually feature here.

  • Midjourney v6 is still the slowest of the models, however.

  • Playground v2.5 and SDXL Lightning lead in cost-effectiveness among the cheaper models.

5. 15 billionaires now at or above $100B, a record

Read more: Bloomberg.

6. House supply below pre-Covid average across U.S., except in parts of FL, TX

7. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

8. Other headlines



  • TikTok testing 60-minute videos as it targets YouTube.

  • Figma allows employees to sell shares at $12.5B valuation.

  • Twitter finally moves to X.com.

  • X’s Communities feature updated: improved discovery, search, sorting.

  • Vercel raises $250M Series E at $3.25B.

  • GTA IV only coming out in fall 2025: Take-Two.

  • Starlink triggers new commercial space race: documentary.

  • The Information: The key to getting ahead: having access to the right information.*

  • Athyna: Hire high-quality, affordable remote talent.*

  • Sidebar: how to join the 21st century’s millionaires club.*


Tech & law

  • DOJ: North Korea dispatches citizens to work remotely for U.S. companies.

  • Elon pushes plan for Chinese data to power Tesla’s AI.


  • 1st Neuralink patient: Businessweek profile.

  • Menopause drug from Bayer shows positive result in Phase III trials.

  • FDA approves advance lung cancer treatment from Amgen.



  • Bipartisan Senate votes 60-38 to kill SAB 121, but Biden may veto it.

  • Solana +3% to $168 even after $2M Pump Fun exploit.

  • Telegram-based Notcoin launches at $0.7B market cap.

  • CME considers spot bitcoin trading, leading Coinbase stock -9%.

U.S. politics

  • House passes GOP bill to reverse Biden’s Israel weapons pause.

  • Supreme Court rejects attempt to dismantle CFPB by 7-2.

  • Michael Cohen grilled by Trump’s lawyers on witness stand.

  • Trump willing to include Kennedy in Biden debates.

  • Billionaire candidates that spent $10M’s, lost elections: a look at.


  • NATO considers sending trainer troops to Ukraine.

  • Russia advanced <10km last week before being halted near Kharkiv.

  • Ukraine hits energy facilities with huge drone attack: Russia.

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