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  • Copilot+ PCs introduced by Microsoft, coming after MacBooks

Copilot+ PCs introduced by Microsoft, coming after MacBooks

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Top stories today:

  1. Copilot+ PCs introduced by Microsoft, coming after MacBooks
  2. Ethereum +19% to $3,680 after SEC suggests ETFs may be near
  3. ChatGPT 2x’s daily visits to 100M after GPT-4o launch
  4. Zoom's revenue +3% to $1.14B in Q1

0. Data and calendar

All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

All times are ET.

1. Copilot+ PCs introduced by Microsoft, coming after MacBooks

  • AI-first PCs with Arm-based Qualcomm Snapdragon X chips, which Windows is now optimized for.

  • Neural processing unit (NPU) to handle complex AI tasks.

  • June 18 availability.

The new Surface Pro is Microsoft's Copilot+ PC, and all the major PC brands are launching their versions too

Recall tracks all your activities and allows you to go search and retrieve anything you've done in the device

2. Ethereum +19% to $3,680 after SEC asks exchanges to update legal filings for ETH ETFs

The odds of an ETF approval in 2024 jumped from 28% to 89%, according to Polymarket

  • 75%: Bloomberg Intelligence’s revised odds of approval, from 25%.

Compared to a human AI Sales Agent Cara

  • Generates 2x more positive replies

  • Is 5x faster to employ

  • Is 10x more cost efficient

Enjoy a 5% discount for BAT readers. Use coupon code "BAT" at checkout (only 10 available).


4. ChatGPT 2x’s daily visits to 100M after GPT-4o launch

5. Zoom's revenue +3% to $1.14B in Q1, as operating income expands to 17.8%

  • Q2 guidance of $1.145B - $1.150B.

  • Stock -1%.

  • May 30, 2024 at 5:30pm

  • Hanahouse, 456 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

  • Tickets are free but registration is required


7. Median S&P 500 CEO compensation is $15.7M in 2023

8. Quant funds continue to take market share, even in credit

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines



  • Anduril in talks to raise $1.5B at $12.5B, revenue at $500M.

  • Truth Social parent sees revenue at $1M, operating loss of -$12M.

  • Athyna: Hire high-quality, affordable remote talent.*

  • Sidebar: how to join the 21st century’s millionaires club.*

  • Swissnex in San Francisco invites you to a pitch night with eight of the most promising Swiss startups!*


Tech & law

  • ASML, TSMC can remotely disable machines if China invades Taiwan.

  • Google preemptively pay U.S. damages to avoid antitrust jury trial.

  • Apple fights $2B EU antitrust fine for curbs on Spotify.

  • EU's Chips Act to give $2.7B for research labs working on advanced chips.

  • Driverless cars could be approved in UK as soon as 2026.


  • Neuralink gets FDA nod for 2nd patient implant.

  • AstraZeneca’s revenue +19% to $12.68B, guides $80B revenue in 2030.

  • Coya receives $5M from Alzheimer’s foundation for dementia trial.


  • FDIC chair to leave job after toxic workplace report.

  • JPM CEO Jamie Dimon, 68, suggests retirement in less than 5 years.


U.S. politics

  • Trump raises $76M in Apr., vs. $51M for Biden.

  • Michael Cohen says he stole from Trump’s company in trial.


  • Biden fears Iran could blame U.S. for helicopter crash that killed President.

  • June 28 elections to be held in Iran.

  • Iranian women celebrate death of President Raisi.

  • EU approves plan to use profits from frozen ~$280B Russian assets.

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