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  • Copilot Pro, AI for Microsoft 365 consumer users, launches at $20/user/month

Copilot Pro, AI for Microsoft 365 consumer users, launches at $20/user/month

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Top stories today:

  1. Copilot Pro, AI for Microsoft 365 consumers, launches
  2. Trump wins Iowa GOP race with 51%, vs. 53% expected
  3. Vision Pro likely to have demos lasting 25 minutes
  4. Tesla’s Optimus robot prototype folds shirt in video
  5. 235M iPhone shipments in 2023, ahead of Samsung’s 227M

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1. Copilot Pro, AI for Microsoft 365 consumer users, launches at $20/user/month

  • Direct competition with ChatGPT Plus, as has been common with Microsoft <> OpenAI.

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365 (enterprise version) now available for all businesses (rather than only those with 300+ employees), still at $30/user/month.

2. Trump wins Iowa GOP race with 51%, vs. 53% expected on RCP average

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4. Vision Pro likely to have demos lasting 25 minutes

  • Demo to include: viewing 3D spatial photos, videos, and movies, using the device as a computer replacement (Safari, etc.), and using 3rd party apps.

  • 100s of employees being directly trained in Apple HQ in California.

  • Comfort a potential issue, as many employees are reporting tired heads after 30 minutes of use.

  • Belkin developing a clip to hold the battery of the Vision Pro.

Our view: this highlights how early AR is and how widespread global adoption is many years away

  • We’re in AR’s equivalent of the Palm, the first portable device that pre-dated the iPhone.

  • Vision Pro is useful, significantly better than Meta’s headsets, but still far away from being the dream of the lightweight AR glasses that can be worn 24/7.

5. Tesla’s Optimus robot prototype folds shirt in video Elon posted

Elon also said he is “uncomfortable growing Tesla to [be leader in AI,] robotics without having ~25% voting control”

Read more: CNBC.

6. 235M iPhone shipments in 2023, ahead of Samsung’s 227M

7. AI affects 40% of world labor, 60% of advanced economics with “high exposure”: IMF paper

The differences between regions are mostly explained by differences in the types of jobs

8. Economists most bullish on Southeast Asia, bearish on Europe, as Germany’s GDP -0.3% YoY

9. Blur, OKX lead NFT trading rankings, as OpenSea promises 2.0

10. Anthropic study: backdoors can persist on LLMs even with current safety training

Read more: Techcrunch.

11. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

12. Other headlines


  • Microsoft, Vodafone agree to 10-year, $1.5B deal across AI, payments.

  • Gen. AI will lead to job cuts this year: CEOs.

  • Thomson Reuters in talks with OpenAI, others on licensing deal.

  • Apple to shut down 121-person San Diego AI team.

  • OpenAI explains policies for 2024 elections.

    • Removes military, warfare prohibitions from legal policies.


  • Apple Watch 9 unban likely coming via disabling blood oxygen.

  • Apple giving rare discount on iPhone in China.

  • TSMC prep expansion of 2nm production.

  • Apple Podcasts’ app changes lead to ~40% fewer downloads.

  • Artifact, Instagram co-founders’ new app, shutting down.

  • SpaceX satellites to link John Deere’s equipment to internet.

  • WhatsApp finally starting to dominate in U.S.

  • Garry Tan: founders “sort of have to be in SF.”

  • Sidebar: accelerate your career in 2024.*


Tech & law

  • App Store to be split into 2 ahead of EU requirements.

  • South Korea unveils plan by Samsung, others to invest $470B by 2047.

  • China’s chip imports -15% YoY to $349B in 2023.

  • China’s military, universities manage to buy NVIDIA chips despite ban.

  • Carta’s former CTO countersues CEO.

  • Apple knew AirDrop users could be tracked in 2019: researchers.


  • China’s GDP +5.2% in 2023: Premier Li says at Davos.

    • Keeps base rate unchanged at 2.5%.

  • Emmys 2024: winners list.

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  • HashKey Group, exchange operator, raises $100M at $1.2B.

  • Google removes Binance, Kraken, others from Play Store in India.

  • Binance losing market share in India after crackdown on foreign exchanges.

  • Genesis reaches settlement with NY, to forfeit BitLicense, pay $8M.

U.S. politics

  • Congress unveils bill to avert shutdown until Mar. 1.

  • Biden raises $97M in Q4, has $117M in cash.


  • Iran attacks alleged Israeli spy base in Iraq.

  • Houthis continue to attack commercial vessels, as U.S. warns on risks.

    • Xi remains on the sidelines.

  • Taiwan’s diplomatic relations down to 12, as China presses countries.

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