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  • Google Gemini launch reportedly delayed from Dec. to Jan. due to unreliability of non-English queries

Google Gemini launch reportedly delayed from Dec. to Jan. due to unreliability of non-English queries

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Top stories today:

  1. Google Gemini launch reportedly delayed from Dec. to Jan.
  2. Sam Altman's investment in Rain AI contributed to his firing
  3. Apple Watch maintains 45% market share in Q3

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All times are ET.

1. Google Gemini launch reportedly delayed from Dec. to Jan. due to unreliability of non-English queries

Our view: as good or better than GPT-4 doesn't sound good, but prediction markets still expect Gemini to beat GPT-4

  • Small differences in quality to GPT-4 are expected — likely not game-changing ones.

2. Sam Altman's investment in Rain AI, with whom OpenAI signed $51M LOI, contributed to his firing

  • “The distraction and intermingling of his myriad pursuits played some role in his recent firing by OpenAI’s board for uncandid communications, according to people involved in the situation.”

  • Altman led Rain's 2018 seed with $1M.

  • In 2019, OpenAI signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Rain, promising to buy $51M worth of AI chips.

  • 100x better? Rain claims its brain-inspired NPUs (neuromorphic processing unit) will be up to 100x faster than GPU chips such as NVIDIA's.

  • The U.S.'s CFIUS recently forced the Saudi fund Prosperity7 to sell its $25M stake in Rain to a U.S. fund.

Our view: Altman's behavior is normal in Silicon Valley, and the board still needs to clarify publicly why they fired Altman

  • It's surprising we still don't know all the details of the firing.


4. Apple Watch maintains 45% market share in Q3, with Huawei jumping into 3rd place

5. Figure aims to build general-purpose AI humanoid: behind-the-scenes video

6. Sales of Tesla Models Y, 3 accelerated faster than those of Model S, X

A timeline:

  • 2008: Roadster launch (no longer available).

  • 2012: Model S, priced today at $75K+.

  • 2015: Model X, at $80K+.

  • 2017: Model 3, at $39K+.

  • 2020: Model Y, at $44K+.

  • 2023: Cybertruck, at $80K+.

7. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

8. Other headlines


  • TikTok parent ByteDance may launch AI chatbot platform in Dec.

  • CoreWeave raises at $7B valuation from Fidelity, Jane Street.

  • Meta AI chief Le Cun: AGI decades away, not bullish on quantum.

  • Regulators want “nutrition label” on medical AI tools.

  • Background stories of OpenAI, Google Deepmind, Anthropic.

  • guidde AI allows you to create stunning video-based FAQs, how-to's, training docs.*





  • Weight loss pill from Pfizer, danuglipron, abandoned due to side effects.

  • Hevolution commits $100M to longevity during Saudi summit.

  • Vitalia: pro-longevity pop-up city in Próspera, Honduras.

  • Diets with whole grains, nuts associated with +10 years of lifespan: study.

  • AstraZeneca signs $247M deal with Absci AI to develop cancer antibody.



  • BTC hits $41K on ETF hopes, BTC halving in April.

  • Crypto VC funding totals $1.75B in Nov., from $0.75B in Oct.

  • SEC warned over “false and misleading” request by federal judge.

  • Jupiter, Solana DEX aggregator, starts token airdrop.

  • Coinbase CEO: no plans for Base token.

  • Grayscale ETF “matter of when, not if.”

U.S. politics

  • Supreme Court to rule on legality of Sackler family settlement.

  • Biden impeachment probe may be formalized by House GOP in next 2 weeks.

  • DeSantis: we will win Iowa, teases plan to “supersede” Obamacare.

  • Pro-DeSantis super PAC fires interim CEO after 9 days.

  • Megyn Kelly to co-host GOP debate on Wed.

  • George Santos likely to get HBO movie, after book.


  • Ukraine to run out of money by year-end, White House tells Congress.

    • Bad news may be coming, warns NATO chief.

  • IDF asks civilians near Khan Younis to evacuate as it moves South.

    • U.S. warship, multiple commercial ships attacked near Yemen.

    • U.S. pressing Israel to allow 200 trucks per day of aid.

  • Cop28 president: “no science” fossil fuel phase-out required.

  • China says another U.S. navy ship “seriously violated” sovereignty.

  • Philippines: 135 Chinese ships swarming disputed Julian Felipe Reef.

  • Russia raids gay bars in Moscow.

  • Plan B Passport: learn how you can obtain one.*


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