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  • GPT-4o launched by OpenAI with near-instant voice, visual communication

GPT-4o launched by OpenAI with near-instant voice, visual communication

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Top stories today:

  1. GPT-4o launched by OpenAI with near-instant voice, visual communication
  2. Higher tariffs on Chinese EVs, semiconductors announced
  3. GameStop stock +74% to $9.3B after Redditor guru posts on X
  4. Melinda Gates leaving Gates Foundation with $12.5B for her charity
  5. Google I/O keynote today at 1 PM ET: AI focus continues

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All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

All times are ET.

1. GPT-4o launched by OpenAI with near-instant voice, visual communication

OpenAI claims an average 0.3 second response time, from an est. 2-3 seconds previously, even though in our tests GPT-4o had major lags:

  • Available for both free and paid users.

  • Gradual roll-out starting with Plus and Team users, with Free users have narrower usage limits.

GPT-4o slightly outperforms Claude 3 Opus and GPT-4 Turbo, on par with the unreleased Gemini Ultra

GPT-4o is 50% cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo, but is still an order of magnitude more expensive than Llama 3

A desktop app was also announced, allowing for easier integration into users’ workflow

  • Keyboard shortcut (option + space) instantly takes you to the ChatGPT app.

    • Launch: “soon.”

  • OpenAI’s Startup Fund also raised another $5M, according to an SEC filing.

  • Our view: while text quality isn’t significantly better than GPT-4 Turbo, clearly OpenAI managed to make significant advances on speed and audio/visual capabilities.

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3. Higher tariffs on Chinese EVs, semiconductors, others announced by Biden admin

4. GameStop stock +74% to $9.3B, memecoin 23x’s to $79M market cap, after Redditor guru posts on X after 3 years

GameStop stock is already +39% in the pre-market:

5. Melinda Gates leaving Gates Foundation with $12.5B for her charity

  • Bill Gates becomes group’s sole chair.

  • Bill is worth $153B and his former wife Melinda $13B.

  • Melinda’s Pivotal Ventures, founded in 2015, will be responsible for donating the $12.5B.

6. Google I/O keynote today at 1 PM ET: AI focus continues

  • A Google Gemini Ultra release schedule could finally be announced.

    • 90% claimed MMLU, vs. 89% for GPT-4o, 86% for GPT-4 Turbo.

  • More integrations with Search and a potential AI-first Pixie gadget are also possibilities.

  • We have been using Athyna to hire our global team.

  • ~67% savings compared to hiring in U.S./Europe.

  • Pay nothing until you find the perfect match.

  • Get $1,000 OFF on your next offshore employee by mentioning us.

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8. AI funding sums $10.6B in Q1, with 35% coming from Bay Area startups

  • 18% in deal count.

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines


  • Cruise co-founder raises $150M for AI robot startup Bot Company.

  • TikTok testing AI-generated search results.

  • Meta exploring earphones with cameras, AI features.

  • Anthropic launches Claude AI chatbot in Europe.

  • Falcon 2 open weights LLM launched, broadly underperforms vs. GPT-4.

  • Microsoft Places: app to help hybrid workers coordinate in-office days.

  • guidde: magically create video documentation with AI.*

  • Ai4 2024: Join the industry’s leading AI conference, Aug. 12-14 in Las Vegas.*


Tech earnings


  • Vision Pro expected to launch in China, Germany, others soon.

  • Intel nears $11B deal with Apollo to fund Ireland plant.

  • Squarespace will go private in $6.9B purchase by Permira.

  • Tesla rehires some workers from 500-person Supercharger team.

  • iOS 17.5 released, with EU app downloads from website.

  • Athyna: hire incredible global talent with the same company that Bay Area Times uses!*


Tech & law

  • Beijing tells local tech firms to curb NVIDIA spend.

  • Rumble again sues Google, claiming $1B in damages.



  • Macron: European megabank merger in play to improve region.

  • Archegos's Bill Hwang fraud trial kicks off in NY.

  • On, Swiss sneaker maker, sees revenue +29% to $560M.


  • Tornado Cash dev faces <=64-month sentence if found guilty today.

U.S. politics

  • Trump +7 in median battleground state of AZ: NYT poll.

  • Michael Cohen implicates Trump in payments to Stormy Daniels.


  • Hamas leader Sinwar oversaw secret police to spy on Palestinians.

  • Blinken visits Kyiv as Ukraine forces lose battles in northeast.

  • Putin to visit Xi on Thu.

  • U.S. gives 120 days for China-linked firm to sell land near base.

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