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  • GPT-5 planned for 2025, $100B Microsoft supercomputer for 2028

GPT-5 planned for 2025, $100B Microsoft supercomputer for 2028

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Top stories today:

  1. GPT-5 planned for 2025, $100B Microsoft supercomputer for 2028
  2. OpenAI shows off unlaunched deepfake voice tool
  3. China’s Caixin manufacturing PMI at 51.1 in March
  4. Videogame adaptions close to flipping superhero films in 2023

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1. GPT-5 planned for 2025, $100B Microsoft supercomputer for 2028

Mockup of GPT-5.

  • Unclear whether adding more compute can deliver something significantly better than GPT-4, given the current Transformers architecture.

  • 2026: smaller, $10B supercomputer planned for OpenAI.

  • NVIDIA, AMD, and Microsoft chips could power facilities.

2. OpenAI shows off unlaunched deepfake voice tool

  • Voice Engine only requires 15 seconds of reference audio to clone a voice.

  • Launch: TBD.

  • Trained on a mix of licensed and publicly available data, the vague phrasing now used by AI companies.

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4. China’s Caixin manufacturing PMI at 51.1 in March, for 5th consecutive growth (50+)

5. Videogame adaptions close to flipping superhero films in 2023

6. 34% of U.S. 12+ listen to podcast weekly, 47% monthly, 67% ever

7. TSMC’s Morris Chang stands out as oldest founder of largest tech companies

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • Amazon wants to outperform Claude 3 Opus by mid-2024.

  • Devin maker Cognition Labs seeks fundraising at $2B valuation.

  • Hassabis: 50% chance of AGI over decade, 1 or 2 breakthroughs needed.

  • OpenAI to open new office in Tokyo.

  • South Korea’s SK Hynix reach $100B market cap.

  • LAION-5B: a visual deep dive.

  • RAD AI: AI marketing leader, 3X growth, trusted by Hasbro & MGM. Invest in AI today!*

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  • TikTok buyer group led by Mnuchin thinks algorithm is unnecessary.

  • Microsoft to separate Teams from Office globally to avoid antitrust woes.

  • Shein reaches $2B profits, $45B GMV for 2023, ahead of IPO.

  • Mexico being pushed by tech giants as new manufacturing hub.

  • Jonathan Haidt’s association of social media, anxiety draws critic.

    • Snap’s friend-ranking feature already draws criticism.

  • Apple pushing podcasts into Subscriptions program.

  • Discord to start showing ads this week.

  • Google Podcasts to shut down this week.

  • Garry Tan “centimillionaire”: NYT profile.

  • James Allen: the engagement ring for the tech bro wife.*


Tech & law

  • X funding lawsuit against Block over “right to freedom of speech.”

  • Microsoft Copilot’s staff use banned by House.

  • Temu strictly enforcing noncompete agreements.


  • WuXi transferred IP to Beijing: U.S. intelligence officials.



U.S. politics


  • Netanyahu vows to move civilians from Rafah before operation.

  • Hamas document reveals hiding of casualties, blaming failed rockets: IDF.

  • Turkey’s opposition makes big gains in local elections.

  • Milei expects dollarization after 2025’s mid-term elections.

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