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  • Grok 1.5 Vision (in preview) performs comparably to GPT-4V, says xAI

Grok 1.5 Vision (in preview) performs comparably to GPT-4V, says xAI

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  1. Grok 1.5 Vision (in preview) performs comparably to GPT-4V: xAI
  2. GPT-4 Turbo's April update available on ChatGPT Plus
  3. Global smartphone shipments +8% YoY to 289M in Q1
  4. Samsung to get $6.4B in grants, but no loans, from Chips Act
  5. 29% of economists expect recession in next 12 months: survey

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1. Grok 1.5 Vision (in preview) performs comparably to GPT-4V, says xAI

  • “Available soon to our early testers and existing Grok users.”

  • “In the coming months, we anticipate [making] significant improvements” in multimodal understanding and generation capabilities.

  • Our view: xAI is 6-12 months behind OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic.

    • But never bet against Elon.

2. GPT-4 Turbo's April update available on ChatGPT Plus, taking back #1 position on from Claude 3 Opus

  • API had been updated on Tue.

    • Statistically insignificant difference between them.

    • Could be a sign that LLM quality is plateauing with current technology.

  • 100s of Fortune 500 company execs have been pitched on ChatGPT Enterprise by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, relatedly.

  • Real-World Applications: Insights into how ChatGPT can solve everyday work challenges.

  • Productivity Boost: Tips for enhancing work efficiency with ChatGPT.

  • Actionable Examples: 100 practical uses in professional tasks.

  • Optimization Practices: Strategies for maximizing ChatGPT's effectiveness.

  • Work Future Insight: Exploring generative AI's impact on business processes.


4. Global smartphone shipments +8% YoY to 289M in Q1, as Samsung takes back #1 position from Apple

Apple’s decline is led by falling sales in China

5. Samsung to get $6.4B in grants, but no loans, from Chips Act

Bloomberg brings more details on the news revealed last week:

  • $40B+ in investments.

  • 2 plants: one to start production in 2016, the other in 2017.

  • Goal to mass produce 2nm and 4nm logic chips.

6. 29% of economists expect recession in next 12 months: survey

Down from a local peak of 63% in Oct. 2022, and the lowest level since Apr. 2022’s 28%:

7. Equity grant refresh issued to 47% of U.S. startup employees by Year 2, 70% by Year 4: Carta

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • OpenAI announces Japan office, along with GPT-4 tailored for Japanese.

  • iOS 18 AI features to work entirely on device: Mark Gurman.

  • South Korea to host 2nd AI Safety Summit on May 21-22, after UK’s.

  • Adobe’s Firefly accused of being trained on Midjourney’s images.

  • Google publishes infinite context window paper.

  • Meta testing AI-powered search bar in Instagram.

* Sponsored. Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement for RAD AI’s Regulation CF offering. Please read the offering circular at invest.radintel.ai.


  • Tesla lays off 10%+ of global workforce, eliminating 14K+ people.

  • Rubrik to raise as much as $713M in IPO.

  • Airchat, Naval’s social app built around talk, launches to public.

  • M4 Macs estimated launch dates revealed.

  • Stubhub prepping summer IPO, previous valuation $16.5B.

  • Google Pixel 9 series to get emergency sat connectivity, new modem.

  • Windows 11 testing ads on Start menu.


Tech & law

  • WhatsApp lowers minimum age in Europe from 16 to 13.

  • Google testing not linking to CA news websites after proposed bill.

  • Fortnite maker Epic urges judge to force Google Play Store to open up.



  • Hong Kong gives initial approvals for BTC, ETH ETFs.

  • Solana releases update to ease congestion caused by memecoin frenzy.

  • Uniswap hikes swap fee from 0.15% to 0.25% on trades through interface.

  • Bitcoin halvening (from 6.5 to 3.25 BTC/10 min.) expected on ~Sat.

  • Berachain increases funding round to $100M, at $1B+ valuation.

U.S. politics

  • Trump’s NY criminal trial kicks off today at 9:30 AM ET with jury selection.

  • Homicides -20% YTD in 133 U.S. cities.


  • Israeli war cabinet wants to hit back on Iran, but how/when unclear.

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