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  • Heart disease: 3 drugs report positive clinical trials

Heart disease: 3 drugs report positive clinical trials

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  1. Heart disease: 3 drugs report positive clinical trials
  2. Humane Ai Pin out only in 2024, product still not fully built out
  3. OpenAI, Character AI in talks to raise money
  4. Israel continues to encircle hospitals used by Hamas, IDF says

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1. Heart disease: 3 drugs report positive clinical trials

2. Humane Ai Pin out only in 2024, product still not fully built out

  • Screenless smartphone that leverages OpenAI’s APIs to answer questions, take pictures (video soon), text and call people, and “catch me up.”

  • Confirmed at $699 + $24/mo.

  • No App Store, but comes with Tidal for music, potential Slack, Microsoft, Google integration.

Our view: the future of computing is likely AR (more screens, not fewer ones) and Apple can copy voice computing features with Siri

  • Siri with Apple’s new LLM can quickly obsolete the Ai Pin. Why not use my existing AirPods and talk to Siri, rather than pay $699 + $24/mo for a new device?

  • Not even founding investor Sam Altman is bullish on Humane: “That will be up to customers to decide. Maybe it’s a bridge too far, or maybe people are like, ‘This is much better than my phone.’ Plenty of technology that looked like a sure bet ends up selling for 90 percent off at Best Buy.”

3. Americans urge for a SECOND PASSPORT as the one-year countdown for the 2024 presidential election begins*

In search of a hedge against civil instability, more and more Americans turn towards a Citizenship-by-Investment program.

Having a Second Passport in 2023 is no longer a luxury, but a reasonable and necessary investment into your family’s safety. See precise calculations here.

Watch this 5-minute webinar to learn everything you need to know about a Second Citizenship as an Insurance Policy and how you can obtain one. 


4. OpenAI, Character AI in talks to raise money

  • Sam Altman: OpenAI seeking $B’s more from Microsoft, others for AGI.

    • OpenAI offering top Googlers up to $10M/year stock offers.

  • Character AI seeking $100M’s, likely from Google, at $5B+ valuation.

5. Israel continues to encircle hospitals used by Hamas, IDF says

  • U.S. again strikes Iran-linked sites in Syria.

  • Netanyahu does not appear to support PA running Gaza post-war.

  • Lloyd Austin expresses concern with Israel about war with Lebanon.

  • 180K+ march in France in march against antisemitism.

  • 300K march in London against Israel, demanding ceasefire.

6. BayAreaTimesGPT: we create our own custom GPT

  • Update yourself on the latest business and tech news.

  • Ask questions on the latest apps and gadgets.

  • Do anything else that ChatGPT is capable of: producing images, text, searching the web, etc.

7. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

8. Other headlines


  • 01.AI stockpiled AI chips before China curbs, CEO unsure China can catch up.

  • AI agents to completely change computing: Bill Gates.

  • Hypertype is the best AI that answers emails using your company data.*



  • Spatial video arrives in iOS 17 beta: review.

  • Didi’s revenue +25% to $7.0B in Q3.

  • iOS 18: Apple continues to move slowly as it debugs iOS 17.

  • Google’s plan to kill cookies may be delayed until 2025.

  • Deel at $400M ARR, from $300M in Jan.

  • Meta Quest to be sold in China late 2024, 14 years after Meta left country.

  • Foxconn uses SpaceX to launch 2 inaugural low-earth orbit satellites.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • Sportradar: NBA player tracking measures usage like never before.*


Tech & law

  • Google to owe news publishers $12B-$14B if new U.S. bill passes.

  • Japan preps $13B in chips investment bill.

  • Google offered Netflix discounted 10% fee in 2017, got rejected.



  • Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. debt from stable to negative.

  • Emirates ordering 90 new Boeing 777s, ~$40B.


U.S. politics

  • Tim Scott drops out of Presidential run.

  • House speaker aims to extend funding levels through Jan. 19.

  • Biden has forgiven $127B in student debt, even after SCOTUS decision.

  • San Francisco clears out homeless ahead of Biden, Xi meeting.

  • McCarthy uncertain about running for another term.


  • Biden to push China to resume military ties with U.S.: Jake Sullivan.

  • Plan B Passport: learn how you can obtain one.*


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