Interview with meme king Litquidity

How Lit grew Exec Sum to 225K subscribers and 7-figure revenues, details about his team and company financials, and much more.

Hi, and welcome to a special interview edition of the Bay Area Times. For today's issue, we talked to one of the most popular writers and influencers in the new financial media space, the anonymous "meme king" who goes by the name Litquidity, or Lit for short.

Lit's profile picture on Instagram and Twitter.

In the spirit of the Bay Area Times, we've summarized the interview into actionable bullets and insights below.

Interview summary

About Lit

  • Former investment banker living in NYC.

  • 6 years ago: when he started the Litquidity Instagram.

  • Quit his job and went full-time during the pandemic.

  • Anonymous: very few people know his identity.

Anonymous status not changing anytime soon

  • He likes the privacy: he doesn't want people bugging him, online or off.

How Lit grew Exec Sum

  • Self-promotion from his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

  • Earned media: mentions on Bloomberg, The Hustle, etc.

  • Beehiiv's recommendation system.

  • Very little advertising (some Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok ads).

How Lit grew his socials

  • "Good memes and good content", Wall St. humor.

  • Good content that goes viral, with people naturally sharing them.


  • Revenue in the 7-figure range: that's his goal for 2023.

  • Revenue comes from advertising and some merch.

  • Exec Sum is the most profitable brand.

  • Margins are extremely high.

Other metrics


  • Team is very small: just himself, 1 part-time editor (Jack Raines), and "a few" college interns.

  • Lit still writes a lot of the content himself. He also does a lot of ad sales, but he uses third parties to help fill the ad inventory for the entire year.

Why Lit created different brands

  • To have different voices and target different audiences: some are NFSW, some are not, for example.

  • He could sell one asset while keeping the others (he gave an example of selling Exec Sum to Bloomberg).

New plans moving forward

  • Litney Partners: executive search and consulting firm focused on junior bankers, his audience.

  • VC investments, using his own money and SPVs.

    • He focuses on investing in areas he understands and can add value to. For example, one of his first investments was Beehiiv, the email service provider he uses (we use them too).

  • Bringing back his podcast.

Future of media business

  • Newsletters are only going to grow: because they are easy to launch, and the creator owns their audience (no cancellation or algorithm change risk).

  • Mainstream media will have to adjust: people are gravitating towards individuals, so mainstream media will need to have more personalities writing for them.

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