Interview with Replit CEO, Amjad Masad

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1. Exclusive interview with Amjad Masad

  • Amjad is the CEO and founder of Replit, one of the fastest-growing online coding startups in the world, recently valued at $1.2B.

  • Replit's investors include Peter Thiel, a16z, our own Anthony Pompliano, Coatue, Bloomberg Beta, and many other top investors.

1) What are your favorite online tools people don't know about?

It's growing fast, so maybe people already know about it, but is a great "answer engine" and saves me a ton of time daily that I would be googling looking for an answer.

2) Any advice for young founders?

Take your time to find your calling. Being a founder for the sake of being a founder is a recipe for pain and wasted time.

3) What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

This question is tough because truths like that, where you are truly in the minority, tend to be something inaccessible because it's made taboo. So, I guess one thing I'll share is that there are a lot of truths right in front of your nose that you're not able to access because you're blinded by dogma, propaganda, or taboo. So my advice would be, as long as you have the discipline to not go totally crazy on conspiracy theories, have a sandbox in your head where you can play with unpopular truths.

4) What valuable company is nobody building?

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