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  • Llama 3 being developed to be more responsive to controversial questions

Llama 3 being developed to be more responsive to controversial questions

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  1. Llama 3 being developed to be open to controversial questions
  2. Stripe allows employees to cash out at $65B
  3. X launches Video Spaces on iOS
  4. Snowflake’s product revenue +32% to $738M in Q4, as CEO is swapped
  5. Bitcoin crosses $62K, nearing all-time high of $70K

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1. Llama 3 being developed to be more responsive to controversial questions

The top Llama-derivative, WizardLM, currently lags behind AI models of OpenAI, Google, Mistral, Anthropic, Alibaba, and 01:

Our view: Llama 3, when launched, will likely become the world’s best open-source LLM

  • OpenAI and Google should continue to lead the way in LLM quality.

  • Meta will join the likes of Mistral and Anthropic as being 6-12 months behind the leaders.

2. Stripe allows employees to cash out at $65B

Nothing will get you further in your career than learning from your peers - it’s a true competitive advantage. Join thousands of top senior leads who have taken the first step at sidebar.com.


4. X launches Video Spaces on iOS

5. Snowflake’s product revenue +32% to $738M in Q4, as CEO is swapped, stock -20%

The stock was -22% after the news of the CEO change and lower-than-expected guidance

6. Bitcoin crosses $62K, nearing all-time high of $70K, as Coinbase has temporary outage

7. 1.7% of consumer startups that raise Series B go public, 1.5% for enterprise ones

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • OpenAI being investigated by SEC over potentially misleading investors.

    • Sued by The Intercept, Raw Story, AlterNet.

  • StarCoder 2: new open-source coding model.

  • Ideogram raises $80M Series A for AI image generation.

  • Tim Cook: Apple will “break new ground” in gen. AI this year.

  • Alibaba cutting prices for cloud services by ~20%.

  • HubSpot: download 100 curated ChatGPT prompts, for free.*



  • Apple held talks with Elon about acquiring Tesla.

  • Vision Pro returns only 1%, U.S. sales exp. at 200K-250K in 2024: analyst.

  • Webull to go public on NASDAQ via $7.3B SPAC deal.

  • EA to cut 5% of staff, eliminating ~670 employees.

  • Zoho's new CRM, Bigin, can be the game changer for your business success.*

  • Sidebar: accelerate your career in 2024.*

  • citizenM has 14 tech-ready hotels stateside for the best night's sleep of your life.*


Tech earnings

Tech & law

  • Google sued by 32 media groups over digital ad practices, stock -2%.

  • FCC chair: domestic abuse law should cover carmakers.

  • X goes to court against CCDH’s alleged false claims.



  • Boeing given 90 days by FAA to develop quality-control plan.

  • GDP in Q4 revised from 3.3% to 3.2%.


  • Gemini to return $1B to customers, pay $37M fine, in deal with NY.

  • Telegram introduces ad revenue sharing, 50:50, payouts in TON.

  • Ether.fi, liquid restaking protocol, raises $23M Series A.

  • Nigeria detains Binance execs in crackdown.

  • Uniswap: making it easier to buy, sell and trade tokens on Ethereum.*

  • ALL.ART partners with Coca Cola HBC for Solana-based verification system.*


U.S. politics

  • Partial shutdown appears delayed with last-minute deal.

  • SCOTUS to hear Trump's immunity arguments in Apr., decision exp. in Jun.

  • IL judge blocks Trump from ballot, as Trump has until Fri. to appeal.

  • Trump’s $454M judgment delay request rejected by judge.

  • McConnell to step down as Senate GOP leader in Nov.

  • Biden's medical report: “fit for duty,” few details.

  • San Francisco to start drug-testing welfare recipients.


  • Ukraine sees risk of Russia breaking through defenses in summer.

  • Hamas's Sinwar thinks group will continue to rule Gaza post-war.

  • Putin does State of the Nation address.

  • Xi’s critics all disappear from view: report.

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