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  • Meta announces, but does not release, new AI video generation, image editing tools

Meta announces, but does not release, new AI video generation, image editing tools

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Top stories today:

  1. Meta announces new AI video generation, image editing tools
  2. Google Gemini likely delayed until Q1
  3. X Job Search goes live
  4. YouTube announces music-generating AI tools

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1. Meta announces, but does not release, new AI video generation, image editing tools

Emu Edit's editing capability is something that OpenAI's DALL-E cannot yet do

2. Google Gemini likely delayed until Q1

It is still likely to beat GPT-4's capabilities, according to prediction markets:


4. X Job Search goes live

  • Very basic tool, for now.

  • No easy-apply: job applications still need to be manually done on the employer's website.

5. YouTube, Google Deepmind announce music-generating AI tools

Their AI tools will make it easier to transform audio from one instrument to another

6. 27% of AI experts say deep fake indistinguishable from real content

Most point to Google, OpenAI doing the most innovative work in AI

7. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

8. Other headlines



  • Meta's AR glasses may use MediaTek chips, 1st version in 2025.

  • TikTok's Chinese sister app Douyin testing paywall.

  • Apple's goal of replacing Qualcomm chips delayed to mid-2025+.

  • RCS support coming to iPhone in 2024, in green bubbles.

  • Amazon to allow cars to be sold on site, starting with Hyundai.

  • Web Summit: 2 startups reject their VC money after ex-CEO's remarks.

  • UPS's new warehouse to have 3,000 robots, 200 people.

  • SpaceX expects Starship's 2nd launch attempt on Sat.

  • guidde: magically create video documentation with AI.*

  • Signal spending $50M/year to keep non-profit going.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • The CEO Report: become a better leader by subscribing, 100% free.*


Tech & law

  • Windows 11 to allow removal of Bing, Edge due to EU's Digital Markets Act.

  • IBM suspends ads on X after Elon's controversial comments.


  • FDA commissioner Woodwock to retire in early 2024.

  • Weight loss drugs that preserve muscle: the new goal.

  • Alzheimer's: is removing amyloid early the key?


  • Alibaba's revenue +9% to $31B, stock -9% as cloud IPO shelved.

  • Amazon rollup Thrasio preps for bankruptcy after raising $3.4B.

  • Munger: “don't think there's slightest chance” of Buffett insider trading.

  • Rupert Murdoch praises son Lachlan in AGM opening speech.


  • IOSCO unveils regulatory framework proposals.

  • Tether to invest $500M in Bitcoin mining.

  • Ramaswamy shares crypto plan, including firing most of SEC.

  • Proton Mail introduces address verification: blockchain, not crypto.

  • Coinbase improves Commerce product with Onchain Payment Protocol.

  • Magic: unleash the future of customer loyalty.*


U.S. politics

  • Biden signs bill extending funding into Jan. 19, with no Israel, Ukraine aid.

  • Trump has gag order lifted by Appeals Court, criticizes judge, clerk.

  • Hunter Biden's uncle, James, receives subpoena in LA grand jury probe.

  • George Santos not to run for reelection after Ethics Committee report.


  • UN force plan met with skepticism by Israel.

    • PA could rule Gaza with “significant reforms”: Israeli official.

  • Southern Gaza could be next step for IDF as leaflets are dropped.

  • Damascus area hit by airstrikes: Syrian state media.

  • Netanyahu: tunnels, command center found in Shifa hospital complex.

  • AWRAD poll: 76% of West Bank, Gaza residents support Hamas.

  • TikTok removes videos promoting Bin Laden's justification for 9/11.

    • Celebrities, influencers confront execs in private call.

  • Plan B Passport: learn how you can obtain one.*


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