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  • Microsoft announces custom AI chips, Copilot Studio, other new features

Microsoft announces custom AI chips, Copilot Studio, other new features

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Top stories today:

  1. Microsoft announces custom AI chips, Copilot Studio
  2. Shein's revenue +40%+ to $24B in 2023 YTD
  3. Xi: China will not fight cold or hot war with anyone
  4. Amazon launches Astro for Business, security robot for SMBs

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1. Microsoft announces custom AI chips, Copilot Studio, other new features


Copilot Studio is a no-code solution to build copilots, similar to OpenAI’s Custom GPTs

Other Microsoft news

  • Teams, other Microsoft apps get improved experience.

  • Windows AI Studio gives developers access to AI models.

  • Microsoft Loop now generally available with new features.

  • Blind users can now use GPT-4-powered Be My Eyes AI.

  • Bing adds AI-generation captions to search snippets.

Watch the 2-minute summary of Microsoft’s announcements

Our view: Microsoft (and Google) benefit from AI as it strengthens their bundled software

  • It is increasingly harder to compete with Microsfot 365 and Google Workspace, given the amount of software you get for just $6+/mo (plus $30/mo if you want the gen. AI features), which keep getting better every month.

  • Once accepted, you’ll join your own personal Sidebar group of highly vetted peers, a professional coach, and custom programming to drive impact in your career.

  • Members join a virtual community with messaging and connect in fast-paced meetings to solve their biggest challenges at work, faster.

  • Employer reimbursements possible: many Sidebar members get their membership fees covered by their employer.

Why spend a decade finding your people - join the growing waitlist of top senior leaders, and apply to become a founding member. - Sidebar


3. Shein's revenue +40%+ to $24B in 2023 YTD

  • $32B annualized revenue.

  • $66B was its last valuation. Investors include Sequoia and General Atlantic.

4. Xi: China will not fight cold or hot war with anyone; agrees with Biden to cooperate on AI, fentanyl, military

5. Amazon launches Astro for Business, security robot for SMBs

This video was for the consumer Astro, but it actually matches the Business use case better:

  • Up to 5K sq. ft. in mapping.

  • 42” periscope camera with night vision.

  • $2,350 + $60/mo for Astro Secure + $20/mo for Ring Protect Pro.

6. 49% often or sometimes consume news on social media: Facebook, Youtube lean older, Instagram, TikTok younger

7. Top crypto corporate VCs remain investing less after record 2021-2022

8. Israeli video shows weapons but no compound at Al Shifa hospital, as Iran 2 weeks away from nuclear bombs

  • Iran 2 weeks away from nuclear bomb, has enough uranium for 3: IAEA.

    • Iran says it did not know of Oct. 7 attack, won’t join war directly.

  • Hamas reportedly agrees to 50-hostage deal, Israel TBD.

  • Biden defends Israel’s hospital operation, calling Hamas’s actions “war crime.”

  • Bodycam video shows early moments of Oct. 7 attack.

  • UN Security Council votes 12 × 3 for pauses, U.S., UK, Russia abstain.

  • Yahya Sinwar, Hamas chief: a profile.

  • 32% believe U.S. should support Israel, from 14% in Oct., vs. 4% for Palestinians.

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines




  • SpaceX gets FAA approval for 2nd Starship launch on Friday.

    • Elon denies report of 2024/2025 IPO for Starlink.

  • guidde: magically create video documentation with AI.*

  • WhatsApp Channels crosses 500M MAUs.

  • Amazon tried to convince TikTok of partnering, before it launched Shop.

  • Coatue raises $1.4B companion fund.

  • Google testing search annotations.

  • China’s Transsion reaches 8.6% global market share in smartphones, top 5.

  • San Francisco: Sequoia’s Michael Moritz bets $336M in improving city.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • The CEO Report: become a better leader by subscribing, 100% free.*


Tech & law

  • Meta asks lawmakers to require app stores to enforce parental controls.

  • Meta, TikTok appeal EU's gatekeeper status.

  • SoftBank sued by failed IRL (social media startup).


  • Novo to test its new weight loss drug, CagriSema, against Lilly's Zepbound.

  • VectorY raises $138M Series A for neurodegenerative diseases.

  • FDA asks Amazon to remove 7 eyedrops products.

  • PBM restrictions pass panels in House, Senate.



  • FTX bankruptcy judge denies delay of proceedings.

  • SEC delays decision on Hashdex Bitcoin spot ETF.

  • Paxos to issue new USD stablecoin based in Singapore.

  • Magic: unleash the future of customer loyalty.*


U.S. politics

  • Senate votes 87-11 to avert shutdown, leaving out Israel-Ukraine aid.

  • House GOP fails to unify on appropriations bill, leaves D.C. for early recess.

  • Sen. Manchin: “absolutely” would consider presidential run, scared of Trump.

  • NH to be 2nd primary on Jan. 23, defying DNC.

  • Trump files motion for mistrial in NY fraud case.

  • George Santos: Ethics Committee won’t recommend punishment.


  • Kremlin weighs super pre-emptive rights to take over foreign companies.

  • Plan B Passport: learn how you can obtain one.*


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