Microsoft training own LLM, 500B-parameter MAI-1

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  1. Microsoft training own LLM, 500B-parameter MAI-1
  2. Boeing Starliner 1st crewed launch delayed due to valve issue
  3. Robinhood Crypto receives Wells Notice from SEC
  4. Apple expected to launch new iPads, Pencil today at 10 AM ET
  5. Apple may be developing server chip focused on AI inference

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1. Microsoft training own LLM, 500B-parameter MAI-1

Microsoft so far has been focused on small language models, having launched their best-in-class Phi 3 SLMs in April:

  • MAI-1 team is being led by Mustafa Suleyman, the CEO of Microsoft AI who previously co-founded Deepmind (now Google Deepmind) and Inflection AI.

  • Microsoft is increasingly diversifying away from OpenAI, in which they have invested $10B+ but over which they have no legal control.

Our view: MAI-1 will probably perform similarly to the best models available today

  • Unclear whether significant improvements to the current benchmarks are possible without novel algorithms/architectures.

2. Boeing Starliner 1st crewed launch delayed due to valve issue, could happen today, Fri., or Sat.

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4. Robinhood Crypto receives Wells Notice from SEC, preempting enforcement action

  • Lawsuit likely incoming: “The potential action may involve a civil injunctive action, public administrative proceeding, and/or a cease-and-desist proceeding.”

  • Clearly, even public names like Robinhood or Coinbase are not being spared by the SEC.

  • Stock -1%.

5. Apple expected to launch new iPad Pro, iPad Air, Pencil Pro today at 10 AM ET

Read more: MacRumors.

6. Apple may be developing server chip focused on AI inference

  • Project ACDC: Apple Chips in Data Center.

  • TSMC: chip-making partner.

  • Late 2025 could be the launch date.

  • Already canceled? That’s what Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said on X.

  • We could hear more details in today’s iPad event.

7. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy continue to lead in smartphones units sold globally

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • Stack Overflow partners with OpenAI on content licensing for AI.

  • Trump’s former campaign manager Parscale opens AI consulting agency.

  • HubSpot: Ready to give yourself some time back at work?*

  • MindStudio: How to Build An AI Agency.*

  • Cleo: The AI that turns your financial life into an easy conversation.*



  • Tesla sales in China -18% YoY to 62K in Apr., vs. +33% for sector.

  • Wayve, self-driving startup, raises $1.05B, UK’s largest raise ever.

  • Amazon plans to spend $9B in cloud infra in Singapore.

  • Palantir’s revenue +21% YoY to $634M, net income of $106M.

  • Nintendo to announce next Switch by March as sales drop.

  • VPN vulnerability “TunnerVision” has existed since 2002.

  • Apple’s first foldable devices could be launched in 2025 or 2026.

  • Docusign buys Lexion, contract workflow automation startup, for $165M.


  • BioNTech’s revenue -85% YoY to $202M, net loss -$340M.

  • Alzheimer’s stem cell therapy trial commenced by Regeneration Bio.

  • APOE4 homozygotes have significantly higher levels of Alzheimer’s: study.

  • Aging’s current biomarkers: a review.


  • UBS’s net income in Q1 was $1.8B, after 2 quarters of losses.


  • Super PACs backed by crypto sector have raised $102M for 2024.

  • Ethereum ETF decision delayed by SEC until Jul. 5.

  • Chris Dixon: Bloomberg Business profile on why crypto needs new leaders.

U.S. politics

  • Columbia cancels universitywide ceremony after weeks of protests.

  • Trump docs case sees deadline postponed by judge.


  • Israel takes control of Rafah-Egypt crossing.

  • Hamas ceasefire proposal demanding removal of proofs rejected by cabinet.

  • U.S., Qatar continue to press both sides on deal.

  • Putin orders tactical nuclear weapon drills.

  • Russia detains U.S. soldier as he visited girlfriend.

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