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  • Midjourney v6 brings photorealism to text-to-image AI

Midjourney v6 brings photorealism to text-to-image AI

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Top stories today:

  1. Midjourney v6 brings photorealism to text-to-image AI
  2. Stripe's revenue +35% to $1B in Q3
  3. Principal engineers are getting $1M at Meta
  4. Apple stops selling Watch Series 9, Ultra 2 in U.S. online store

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1. Midjourney v6 brings photorealism to text-to-image AI

2. Stripe's revenue +35% to $1B in Q3, adjusted operating profits at $150M

Likely still unprofitable on an unadjusted (i.e. realistic) basis:

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4. Principal engineers are getting $1M at Meta

Jane Street is paying $325K for entry-level engineers

SF, Seattle, and NYC lead software engineering pay

5. Apple stops selling Watch Series 9, Ultra 2 in U.S. online store

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7. Other headlines



  • Microsoft kills Windows VR, won't update HoloLens glasses.

  • Hyperloop One to shut down after raising $450M.

  • Jeff Bezos, Cerberus seeking to buy United Launch Alliance.

  • Tesla acquires land for Shanghai Megapack battery factory.

  • Beeper gives up on bringing blue bubbles to Android.

  • Chartr (500K subscribers) sold to Robinhood's Sherwood Media.

  • Flexport aims to 3x revenue while cutting costs.

  • GTA 6 hacker sent to hospital indefinitely by judge, unfit to stand trial.

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  • Synthesis: AI tutor for kids from SpaceX's incubated edtech startup.*


Tech & law

  • China publishes anti-gaming rules, Tencent -13%.

  • Semiconductor supply chain review to be started by Commerce Dept.

  • Meta concerned about India's telecom law, private emails show.


  • Fauna Bio gets $494M obesity collaboration with Lilly.

  • FDA approves AstraZeneca's treatment for ATTR-PN.

  • Knownwell, anti-obesity health tech, raises $20M, launches teen program.

  • ImpriMed, AI dog cancer startup, seeks to expand into humans.

  • Existing geroprotective drugs may not interact well with exercise.


  • Top 11 big trades of 2023.

  • News media in 2024: interviews with 18 business leaders.

  • U.S. Steel's $14.1B sale deserves “serious scrutiny”: White House.

  • Nike lowers FY revenue guidance to +1%, stock -12%.

  • IRS offers ERC tax credit fraudsters deal to return 80%, avoid civil penalties.

  • Robert Solow, economic growth Nobel prize winner, dies at 99.

  • Pornhub agrees to pay $1.8M in sex trafficking settlement.

  • Ozy sues Buzzfeed, Ben Smith for alleged trade secret theft.


  • Solana nears $100, briefly becomes #4 cryptocurrency.

  • Coinbase gets France's crypto license.

  • Circle gets conditional registration from France.

  • Prometheum receives FINRA approval for digital assets clearing.

U.S. politics

  • Border security executive orders urged by Speaker Johnson to Biden.

  • Trump pressured 2 GOP members not to sign 2020 certification in MI.

  • Giuliani files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after $148M order.

  • No Labels plots winning with coalition ticket, unbound electors swaps.


  • Israel now OK with reformed Palestinian Authority running post-war Gaza.

  • U.S. may sign UN Security Council resolution on Gaza.

  • North Korea running 2nd nuclear reactor: UN.

  • Japan to send U.S. Patriot missiles to Ukraine.

  • $300B Russian assets frozen by U.S. could be given to Ukraine.

  • Prigozhin killed by Putin's right-hand man Patrushev: WSJ.

  • Russia's mobilization to be digitized, as Putin says no more draftees needed.

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