Mistral raises $644M at $6.4B valuation

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  1. Mistral raises $644M at $6.4B valuation
  2. Elon drops suit against OpenAI, who fights back against accusations
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  4. FOMC expected to keep rates at 5.25% - 5.50% at 2 PM ET

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1. Mistral raises $644M at $6.4B valuation

It’s the 6th most valuable generative AI startup:

  • $2.2B: its previous valuation in Dec.

  • Led by General Catalyst, but includes a16z, NVIDIA, Salesforce, Samsung, IBM, and others.

  • Microsoft did not participate, after investing $15M previously.

Our view: Mistral’s models have so far underperformed

  • It’s unclear how they can revert the situation with much less cash than OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, and Meta. Unless they have some non-Transformers technology that is much better than current LLMs.

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3. Elon drops suit against OpenAI, who fights back against privacy accusations

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