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  • NVIDIA, AMD should have Arm chips for PCs ready by 2025, in threat to Intel

NVIDIA, AMD should have Arm chips for PCs ready by 2025, in threat to Intel

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Top stories today:

  1. NVIDIA, AMD should have Arm chips for PCs ready by 2025
  2. X: Only 2 of 30 top advertisers have returned: consultancy
  3. Ackman no longer bearish on bonds, as rates fall below 5%
  4. Hamas releases 2 more hostages, ground invasion delayed

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1. NVIDIA, AMD should have Arm chips for PCs ready by 2025, in threat to Intel

Arm stock responded very positively to the news, and Intel's negatively:

  • NVIDIA already dominates the AI market.

  • Intel today dominates the Arm-based PC market, but its chips’ performance has been lagging Apple's custom chips, prompting rivals to want to compete.

    • Qualcomm has been in the Arm-based market since 2016, but sales have lagged Intel's. - Reuters

2. Only 2 of 30 top 100 advertisers on X have returned, says consultancy, in contrast to X CEO's statements

X CEO Linda Yaccarino said in September that 90% of top advertisers had returned

  • “90% of the top 100 advertisers have returned to the platform in the last twelve weeks alone,” Yaccarino said in an awkward interview at the Code conference. - Business Insider

  • 50% of F100 brands have pursued Web3/crypto/blockchain initiatives.

  • Nike has earned $185M from NFT sales, generating $1.3B in NFT volume.

  • NFTs can be used for customer loyalty programs, not just overpriced JPEGs.


4. Ackman no longer bearish on bonds, Gross bullish, as rates crash down after hitting 5%

Bill Ackman had disclosed in August his short position on 30-year Treasuries:

Bill Gross was neutral in September, and now thinks rates will go down

  • State Street CEO said 5% was “probably” the top. - Bloomberg

10-year rates hit 5% on Friday, but crashed down to 4.80% since

5. Israel: Hamas releases 2 more hostages, as some Western leaders seek to delay ground invasion

  • Hamas releases 2 more hostages, as it seeks to avoid ground invasion.

  • Israel does not want war with Hezbollah: Israeli President.

  • Iran “actively facilitating” drone, rocket attacks on U.S. bases: U.S.

  • Iran-backed militias plan to ramp up attacks on U.S. in ME: U.S. officials.

  • Russia, Iran firm “trusting atmosphere” as Lavrov visits Tehran.

  • U.S. sends Lt. Gen Glynn to assist Israel, as it asks for further delays.

  • IDF shows raw footage of Hamas decapitations, torture to journalists.

  • Released elderly hostage: I “went through hell”, details network of tunnels.

  • Obama also asks Israel for restraint, supporting a 2-state solution.

  • China: Israel has right to defend itself but it should protect civilians.

  • Hamas soldier: whoever brought hostages got $10K, apartment.

  • Evacuation of 600K Americans in Israel, 86K in Lebanon planned.

  • Google Maps, Waze disable live traffic data at military's request.

6. Instagram testing verified-only feed

  • “We’re exploring this as a new control for people and a way for businesses and creators to get discovered,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri wrote on his broadcast channel.

  • Service costs $11.99/mo in the U.S., or $14.99/mo via the iOS or Android app store.

  • Could be a way to encourage verification and fight spam and bots. - The Verge

7. North America leads in crypto volume, followed by Western Europe, CSAO

CSAO is Central and South Eastern Asia, a novel term:

8. CNN remains the most followed YouTube news account, but Fox News leads in views

9. SAT scores strongly correlated with parent's income

10. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

11. Other headlines


  • 2nd Senate AI Forum (today) to include Marc Andreessen, 20+ others.

  • Apple could spend $4.75B on AI servers in 2024: analyst.

  • Crusoe uses $200M in H100 chips as collateral for loan.

  • MonsterAPI, no-code fine-tuning, updates its models.

  • Nightshade “poisons” images so AIs cannot train on them.

  • Youtube Music still convincing music labels to become AI partners.

  • Microsoft to spend $3.2B expanding its AI, cloud in Australia.


  • Boring Co. valued at $7B in employee sale, up from $5.7B in 2022.

  • Databricks acquires data startup Arcion for $100M.

  • Hulu introduces ads for when users click pause.

  • Twitch, Youtube halt large contracts with gamers, as Kick ramps up.

  • TikTok testing 15-minute uploads.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • Meet Upway - The #1 Certified E-Bike Expert.*


Tech & law

  • ASML employee accused of theft goes to work for Huawei.

  • EU's AI bill delayed as some countries press for more rules.

  • Tesla's DOJ probe expanded to perks, advertised range of EVs.

  • White House designates 31 tech hubs to compete for $40M-$75M grants.



  • Xi makes unprecedented visit to central bank, in sign of woes.

  • Hong Kong: U.S. companies there fall for 4 straight years, at 1,258.

  • Hong Kong real estate developer: no longer free market.

  • Norway's $1.4T sovereign wealth fund -2% in Q3.

  • PwC revenue +6% in FY to $53.1B, less than competitors.

  • Ray Dalio, Citi CEO pessimistic at Saudi conference.

  • Tyler Cowen publishes book with help of GPT-4.


  • SBF proposes financial professional as sole defense expert witness.

  • Arc sells Coinbase, GBTC shares as BTC crosses $35K.

  • Polkadot developer cuts 100 employees, 30% of workforce.

U.S. politics


  • Iran sentences 2 journalists to 12, 13 years of prison.

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