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  • NVIDIA sees revenue +265% YoY to $22.1B in Q4, becomes #4 company in market cap

NVIDIA sees revenue +265% YoY to $22.1B in Q4, becomes #4 company in market cap

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  1. NVIDIA's revenue +265% YoY to $22.1B in Q4
  2. Google launches Gemma, open-source small language models (2B, 7B)
  3. Google One AI Premium available for public
  4. Fed minutes reveal discomfort with premature cuts
  5. Japan’s Nikkei index surpassing 1989 record, +2% to 39,098

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All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

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1. NVIDIA sees revenue +265% YoY to $22.1B in Q4, becomes #4 company in market cap

NVIDIA’s net profit was +491% YoY to $12.8B, a record 58% margin, as NVIDIA is able to charge high prices for its AI chips, with little competition

Nvidia stock +13% in the pre-market, pricing in a $1.91T market cap, the world’s #4 most valuable company

  • Microsoft, Apple, and Saudi Aramco are still the top 3, with NVIDIA surpassing Alphabet and Amazon to become #4.

2. Google launches Gemma, open-source small language models (2B, 7B)

Gemma outperforms Meta’s Llama-2 in most benchmarks, according to Google:


4. Google One AI Premium available for public, bringing Gemini integration to Gmail, Docs, more


Read more: XDA.

5. Fed minutes reveal discomfort with premature cuts

The 10-year yield held previous gains after the release of the minutes:

  • No cuts coming until FOMC sees “greater confidence” that inflation is receding.

  • “Most participants noted the risks of moving too quickly to ease the stance of policy and emphasized the importance of carefully assessing incoming data in judging whether inflation is moving down sustainably to 2 percent.”

6. Japan’s Nikkei index surpassing 1989 record, +2% to 39,098

35 years of negative performance has come to an end:

The market cap of the Tokyo stock exchange is +52% vs. 1989

7. iPhone represents top 7 smartphones sold worldwide

8. Apple Sports app released, with live scores, betting odds, stats

9. Grok’s V1.5 out in 2 weeks, announces Elon

  • xAI’s Grok will analyze online discussions and provide summaries.

10. U.S. represents 61% of “interactive intrusion” targets, with Tech, Telecom as leading sectors

11. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

11. Other headlines


  • Reddit licenses data to Google for AI use for ~$60M/year.

  • Gemini’s historical inaccuracies to be fixed: Google.

  • Magic’s $100M investment: behind the scenes.

  • Google Deepmind announces formation of AI Safety and Alignment org.

  • Microsoft will use Intel to manufacture home-grown chips.

  • Astera Labs files for IPO, amid enthusiasm for AI, semiconductors.


  • Google to begin Pixel production in India in Q2.

  • Rivian stock -14% as company lays off 10%.

  • Lenovo’s revenue +3% to $15.7B in Q4.

  • Reddit reserving IPO shares to 75K top users.

  • BuzzFeed sells Complex for $108M, likely to pay $150M debt outstanding.

  • Apple securing iMessage with post-quantum cryptographic protocol.

  • WhatsApp adds 4 new text formatting options.

  • Roblox game developers earn $741M in 2023.

  • Smartphone sales -10% in Jan. in U.S.

  • citizenM has 14 tech-ready hotels stateside for the best night's sleep of your life.*


Tech & law

  • Beijing targeting 20+ countries for hacks: leaked docs.

  • U.S. sanctions Huawei’s most advanced factory from importing U.S. goods.

  • U.S. VC firms reducing China investments.

  • Coast Guard given authority over maritime cyber threats.



  • Yuga Labs’s co-founder Garga returns as CEO.

  • Do Kwon should be extradited to U.S.: Montenegro court.

  • tea Protocol: click to subscribe to tea's newsletter and learn more about how to get rewards for your open-source contributions.*


U.S. politics

  • Unilateral tightening of migrant rules weighed by Biden.

  • Biden cancels another $1B in debt, now totaling $138B.

  • Elon has gone 1x to White House under Biden, to meet advisers on AI.


  • Gantz sees “promising early signs” on new hostage deal.

  • Israel investigating soldiers for criminal offenses in Gaza war.

  • Russia received about 400 ballistic missiles from Iran: sources.

  • Iran accuses Israel of sabotage after explosions in natural gas pipeline.

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