OpenAI developing search engine: source

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  1. OpenAI developing search engine: source
  2. NVIDIA overtakes Alphabet, now #4 in market cap
  3. Buffett trims 1% of Apple position, still 50% of portfolio
  4. SpaceX launches Intuitive Machines's lander to the moon
  5. Y Combinator updates Request for Startups, 1st time since 2018

0. Data and calendar

All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

All times are ET.

1. OpenAI developing search engine: source

ChatGPT screenshot. OpenAI currently uses Bing as its internal search engine, but that could be changing soon.

2. NVIDIA overtakes Alphabet, now #4 in market cap, 1 day after passing Amazon

  • $1.825T: NVIDIA's market cap.

  • +53% YTD.

3. Buffett trims 1% of Apple position, still 50% of portfolio


5. SpaceX launches Intuitive Machines's lander to the moon

6. Y Combinator updates Request for Startups, 1st time since 2018

It is a very hardware and AI-heavy RFS, starting with applying machine learning to robotics (i.e. what companies like Tesla and Figure AI are doing):

7. HubSpot’s revenue +21% to $582M in Q4

HubSpot has seen exceptional revenue growth since launching in 2006

8. Amazon says it has largest text-to-speech AI model

  • 1B-parameter autoregressive Transformer.

  • Trained on 100K hours of public domain speech data.

  • No release date announced. Could be used internally at Amazon.

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines


  • Google launches internal tool, Goose, for devs to write faster code.

  • Together AI raising from Salesforce, Coatue at $1B+, 33x ARR.

  • Slack AI launches.

  • AI brings back voices of children killed in shooting, uses ElevenLabs’s tech.

  • GrowthSchool: become a ChatGPT & AI Genius with their workshop (worth $99)— free for first 100 people.*

  • MindStudio: free webinar to start building AI apps in a single afternoon.*


Tech earnings

  • Cisco's revenue -6% YoY to $12.79B in Q4, cutting 5% of staff (4K).

  • Twilio's revenue +5% to $1.08B in Q4.

  • Uber announces $7B buyback plan, stock +15%.

  • TSMC stock +8% to $575B market cap in 1st day post-Lunar New Year break.



Tech & law

  • EU Court: weakening E2E encryption undermines human rights.

  • Meta reducing payments for fact-checkers on WhatsApp.

  • NYC files lawsuit against TikTok, Meta, Snap, YouTube.



  • UK’s GDP -1.4% annualized in Q4, entering recession.

  • Airbus’s revenue +11% to $24.6B in Q4.

  • Japan loses #3 economy spot to Germany as economy enters recession.


U.S. politics

  • SALT tax cut for married couples fails in House, 195-225.

  • Trump pushes $60B Ukraine aid as loan.

  • Jack Smith asks Supreme Court to reject Trump immunity.

  • F-35 jet order -18% in 2025 Biden budget request.


  • Russia advancing on space-based nuclear weapons: U.S. letter.

  • Putin says “predictable” Biden better for Russia than Trump.

  • Hezbollah leader killed by U.S. using 6-bladed Ginsu weapon.

  • 2 Iran gas pipelines explode, Iran calls it sabotage.

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