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  • OpenAI's 1st conference on Nov. 6, “no GPT-5 or 4.5”

OpenAI's 1st conference on Nov. 6, “no GPT-5 or 4.5”

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Top stories today:

  1. OpenAI's 1st conference on Nov. 6, “no GPT-5 or 4.5”
  2. xAI building AIs for code-generation, chatbots, big tasks
  3. Apple working on bringing more AI to Shortcuts, Siri
  4. China imports, exports fall in August

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1. OpenAI's 1st conference on Nov. 6, “no GPT-5 or 4.5”

  • Keynote live-streamed, other parts of the conference in person.

CEO Sam Altman was quick to dispel rumors of GPT-5, although more image and video capabilities could be added to GPT-4

2. xAI has goal of building AIs for code-generation, chatbots, big tasks like rocket engine building: new Elon book excerpt

Time has published a new excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk biography, out on Sep. 12.

We learned Elon gave xAI the goals to build:

  • Code generating AI bot.

  • LLM comparable to GPT, but politically neutral.

  • “Maximum-truth-seeking AI,” that you could give big tasks like “build a better rocket engine.”

We also got details on Elon’s timeline with AI:

  • 2012: Deepmind CEO Hassabis convinced Elon of the dangers of AI in a conference, and Elon quickly invested $5M in Deepmind.

  • 2014: Elon tried to block Deepmind’s sale to Google.

  • 2015: After the sale, Elon went to Sam Altman to co-found OpenAI.

  • 2018: Elon tried to fold OpenAI into Tesla.

  • 2023: Elon met Altman to challenge him on OpenAI’s for-profit subsidiary. Altman offered Elon shares, which he declined.

  • “I can’t just sit around and do nothing,” — good summary of Elon’s view on AI and business. - Time

  • Once accepted, Sidebar gives you a Personal Board of Directors, matching you with a small group of brilliant peers.

  • Users can message their group 24/7 and attend fast-paced meetings to solve their biggest challenges at work, faster.

  • Employer reimbursements possible: many Sidebar members get their membership fees covered by their employer.

Why spend a decade finding your people – join Sidebar today. Sign up for the growing waitlist of over 4,000 top senior leaders, and apply to become a founding member. - Sidebar


4. Apple working on bringing more AI to Shortcuts, Siri, as it lags behind OpenAI

  • Auto GIF creator: One of Siri's new feature would “allow someone to tell the Siri voice assistant on their phone to create a GIF using the last five photos they’ve taken and text it to a friend.”

  • AI SVP John Giannandrea bearish on LLMs: “Giannandrea has repeatedly expressed skepticism to colleagues about the potential usefulness of chatbots powered by AI language models.” - The Information

Apple's internal LLM has 200B+ parameters and only beats GPT-3.5, not GPT-4

5. China imports, exports fall in August, in line with broader contraction

  • Trade balance: $68.4B in August, vs. $73.9B expected, from $80.6B in July.

  • Exports: -8.8% YoY, vs. -9.2%, from -14.5%.

  • Imports: -7.3%, vs. -9.0%, from -12.4%. - Reuters

6. 22 crypto billionaires worldwide, 425M users: Henley & Partners

7. Twitter launches Community Notes for videos, in move to combat AI fakes

Read more: Techcrunch.

8. Interesting tweets, memes, and videos

9. Other headlines


  • D-Matrix, AI chips maker, raises $110M from Microsoft, others.

  • Slack AI summarizes your work chat, more to be revealed on Sep. 12.

  • Google will require “prominent” disclaimers for AI-generated political ads.

  • CA's Gavin Newsom signs executive order on AI risks.


  • Arm promoting 56%+ revenue growth in 3 years to support IPO.

  • Clubhouse pivots to audio-only group chat between friends.

  • Flexport founder Ryan Petersen back as CEO.

  • Duolingo to offer music lessons, after adding maths.

  • Range, backed by Google's AI Fund, has revolutionized wealth management.*

  • FAA gives more approval to delivery drones.

  • Chrome rolling out targeted ads based on browser history.


Tech & law

  • China to expand iPhone ban to state agencies, firms.

  • UK backs down on cracking down on encrypted messages.


  • Inceptive raises $100M for AI-powered mRNA.

  • Embryo model created without sperm, egg.

  • Cancer among <50 adults +79% in 30 years: study.

  • Semaglutide being tested for addiction, dementia.

  • Ibex raises $55M for AI-powered cancer diagnostics.

  • Covid XBB.1.5 omicron boosters expected to be approved this week.


  • Soho House wants to expand in America.

  • WeWork to renegotiate, exit nearly all its leases.

  • GameStop revenue +2% to $1.16B, net result -$2.8M.

  • Roku lays off 10%, or 300 workers.


  • Vitalik co-authors paper on Tornado Cash alternative aligned with regulations.

  • SBF’s motion for pretrial release goes before 3-judge appellate panel.

  • Tornado Cash developer Semenov pleads not guilty.

  • Circle: profile on USDC and CEO Jeremy Allaire.

U.S. politics

  • Hunter Biden to be indicted before Sep. 29.: DOJ.

  • Trump suffers loss in Carroll defamation case: judge rules he is liable.

    • Delay in NY $250M fraud trial “without merit”, to kick off Oct. 2.

  • Chesebro to be tried together with Sidney Powell on Oct. 23, judge rules.

  • Raffensperger: I can't keep Trump off ballot under 14th Amendment.

    • Lawsuit filed in Colorado to keep Trump off ballot.

  • Ramaswamy could become Trump's VP.

  • McConnell says he won't retire until 2026 term ends.

  • 9/11: Biden rejects special conditions for defendants’ plea deal.

  • Psychedelics decriminalization bill passed by CA State Assembly.


  • Biden's Saudi deal: Graham privately urges Trump to support it.

  • Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion.

  • G-20 summit's security includes fighter jets, drones.

    • Biden expected to travel Thu, after negative Covid test.

  • Blinken pledges $1B more in Ukraine aid, as missile kills 17.

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