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  • Phind says its open-source coding AI is better than GPT-4

Phind says its open-source coding AI is better than GPT-4

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  1. Phind says its open-source coding AI is better than GPT-4
  2. SpaceX's Crew-7 docks at International Space Station
  3. Evergrande stock -79% as trading resumes after 17 months
  4. Apple's suppliers are mostly in China but also India, Vietnam
  5. China likely to continue with moderate stimuli: survey

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1. Phind says its open-source coding AI is better than GPT-4

  • Phind-CodeLlama-34B is a fine-tuning of Meta's open-source Code Llama, based on Llama 2.

    • Fine-tuned on a “proprietary dataset of ~80k high-quality programming problems and solutions.”

  • Trained in 3 hours using 32 NVIDIA A100-80GB GPUs. - Phind blog post, code

Of course, it is unclear how good a fine-tuned GPT-4 would be

  • OpenAI just launched GPT-3.5-Turbo fine-tuning, to be fair, so that would be a better comparison.

  • Still, open source may be catching up to OpenAI with, ironically, the help of Mark Zuckerberg's Meta.

2. SpaceX's Crew-7 successfully docks at International Space Station

  • Fully autonomous docking of the Crew Dragon capsule, released into space by SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

    • The ISS travels at 28K km/h, meaning it orbits the Earth in 90 minutes.

  • 4 nationalities among the 4 crew members: U.S., Denmark, Japan, and Russia.

  • “200 science experiments and technology demonstrations to prepare for missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.” - The Verge

3. Sidebar is a private community for exceptional leaders with bold goals*

  • Once accepted, Sidebar gives you a Personal Board of Directors, matching you with a small group of brilliant peers.

  • Users can message their group 24/7 and attend fast-paced meetings to solve their biggest challenges at work, faster.

  • Employer reimbursements possible: many Sidebar members get their membership fees covered by their employer.

Why spend a decade finding your people – join Sidebar today. Sign up for the growing waitlist of over 4,000 top senior leaders, and apply to become a founding member. - Sidebar


4. China's Evergrande real estate group stock -79% as trading resumes after 17 months

  • $0.6B market cap.

    • Reached -87% on its open. - Reuters

  • Attempting to restructure, with a potential approval by HK and BVI courts in early September.

    • Filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy on Aug. 17 with the bankruptcy court in Manhattan. - Reuters

    • Unclear whether any shareholder value is left.

  • Net result of -$5.4B in H1 2023. - CNBC

5. Visual: Apple's suppliers are mostly in China but have non-China locations too

Most suppliers have factories in Vietnam and India

India currently represents 7% of all iPhone production

Our view: rather than China decoupling, a China diversification strategy is more likely

  • Too costly to implement a fast China decoupling.

  • Decades would be necessary if one wants to fully decouple, i.e., not need China for anything, as not only do they concentrate most suppliers and factories, but they hold a quasi-monopoly in the production of some commodities too.

6. Survey: China likely to continue with moderate stimuli, no global contagion

Read more: Bloomberg.

7. Friend Tech's usage peaks on Aug. 21, as bots, short-term traders dominate

Read more: Bloomberg.

8. Interesting tweets, memes, and videos

9. Other headlines


  • Air Force requests $5.8B for 1K-2K unmanned AI-powered aircrafts.


  • WordPress selling 100-year domain packages for $38K.

  • New iPad Pro to feature OLED, M3 chip, new keyboard; launch mid-2024.

  • Silicon Valley elite buys $800M of land to build new city.

  • X Hiring Beta launches, exclusively for Verified Organizations.

  • Instacart files for IPO, H1 revenue +24% to $406M.

  • Superyatchs of the tech elite: a look at.

  • Taipy: build production-ready web applications in no time.*




  • China stocks close at +1% after being +5.5%.

  • Jackson Hole: Powell, others preach higher rates, humility.

  • BRICS unlikely to challenge U.S. dominance: Noah Smith.

  • Saudi Arabia to offer 30% stake in oil driller Ades in IPO.


  • SBF's lawyers again push for release for trial preparations.

U.S. politics

  • Post-debate polls show little change in GOP primary.

  • Trump raises $7.1M after Georgia mugshot.

  • Biden campaign not to focus on Trump's criminal charges.

    • Irritated with Newsom's debate with DeSantis.

  • Ramaswamy wants Elon as advisor if elected president.

    • Platform to encourage two-parent families is coming.

  • No Labels's bipartisan nominating convention in April.

  • San Francisco: Nordstrom closes after 3 decades due to rise in crime.


  • Zelensky wants Israeli-like long-term relationship with U.S.

  • Foxconn founder Terry Gou running for Taiwan presidency.

  • Yandex CEO files with EU to have sanctions lifted, after criticizing war.

  • Kremlin says genetic tests confirm Prigozhin's death.

  • Russia launches Sunday attacks in Kyiv, northern region.

  • Commerce Secretary arrives in Beijing preaching unity, responsibility.

  • Israel to have partial laser defenses by 2024.

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