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  • Sam Altman to join Microsoft after OpenAI rejects his return

Sam Altman to join Microsoft after OpenAI rejects his return

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  1. Sam Altman to join Microsoft after OpenAI rejects his return
  2. xAI will be 25% owned by X Corp shareholders, says Elon Musk
  3. SpaceX’s 2nd Starship launch sees successful booster separation
  4. Hollywood strikes drive down U.S. production budgets

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1. Sam Altman to join Microsoft after OpenAI rejects his return, hiring pro-AI safety Emmet Shear as interim CEO

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the announcement:

Microsoft stock is +2% in the premarket

OpenAI’s new interim CEO Shear recently said he was in favor of semi-pausing AI development

Previously, Ilya Sutskever and 3 other board directors led the firing of Sam Altman, reportedly fearing he was not taking AI safety seriously

Elon Musk, who originally recruited Sutskever, suggested the firing indicates that AGI may be near

Our view: this was a semi-failed coup of AI doomers, who want to slow down AI progress until AI alignment is solved

  • Doomers think the odds of AI killing humanity are high, that current AI development is too fast, and that more efforts should be placed on alignment research.

    • Centrists believe this risk is manageable.

    • e/acc generally either believe this risk doesn’t exist, or that AI itself will be able to solve problems that arise from AI.

  • Altman’s firing should lead to OpenAI’s progress being slowed, as employees and investors flee.

    • But Microsoft and others will continue to be able to accelerate AI development.

Our view: board control matters, and OpenAI's complicated structure left all the power to the parent nonprofit's board


3. xAI will be 25% owned by X Corp shareholders, says Elon Musk

Our view: it is only fair that X Corp shareholders get something out of xAI

  1. xAI is using X's data and branding.

  2. xAI could have been a subsidiary of X.

  3. X’s equity has already suffered a lot since its inception.

4. SpaceX’s 2nd Starship launch sees successful booster separation, but main ship blows up after 7 minutes

SpaceX was optimistic about the flight test

5. Hollywood strikes drive down U.S. production budgets for TV shows, movies

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Tech & law

  • Elon Musk threatens “thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters.

    • “Nothing could be further from the truth”: Musk defends himself.

    • Advertisers pressure CEO Linda Yaccarino to resign.


  • Carmot, obesity biotech, files for IPO to raise $100M.

  • Lilly to invest $2.5B in Germany plant to produce weight loss drugs.

  • Early Alzheimer’s detection: PREDICTOM raises $23M for


  • Worldcoin, co-founded by Sam Altman, see rollercoaster price.

  • Supplies of Bitcoin, Ether that moved in last year at record lows (30%, 39%).

  • Bithumb’s former chair faces potential 8 year sentence.

  • Magic: unleash the future of customer loyalty.*


U.S. politics


  • Argentine libertarian Milei wins presidential elections, 56%-44%.

  • Israel nears deal with Hamas: 50+ hostages freed, 5-day pause.

    • IDF video shows tunnel underneath Shifa hospital.

    • IDF: hospital footage shows Hamas bringing hostages on Oct. 7.

    • China welcomes Muslim-majority nations for summit.

    • Houthis take over ship they claim is Israeli; Israel denies.

    • Map: 61 attacks on U.S. troops since war began.

  • Taiwan frontrunner to name former envoy to U.S. as running mate.

  • Chinese submarines catch up to U.S.’s.

  • Defense Secretary Austin visits Kyiv.

  • Plan B Passport: learn how you can obtain one.*


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