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  • SpaceX at $6B revenue, $0.2B profit run rate, after raising at $150B valuation

SpaceX at $6B revenue, $0.2B profit run rate, after raising at $150B valuation

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Top stories today:

  1. SpaceX at $6B revenue, $0.2B profit run rate, $150B valuation
  2. Meta to release Code Llama, open-source code-generating AI
  3. Mortgage rate rises to 7.09%, highest in 20 years
  4. Bing remains at 3% market share, even with ChatGPT integration
  5. Americans wrongly ignore cancer, heart disease as main threats
  6. China fights CNY depreciation, sets trading band at record

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All times are ET.

1. SpaceX at $6B revenue, $0.2B profit run rate, after raising at $150B valuation

A 25x P/S multiple:

It also sold the Bitcoin it had previously purchased, writing down $373M and helping BTC's price go -7%

  • Elon also said SpaceX is on track to lift 80% of all mass to orbit, leaving China with 10% market share, and 10% for the rest of the world. - Twitter, WSJ

2. Meta to release Code Llama, open-source code-generating AI model

In contrast to most of its top competitors, who have closed-source, managed/cloud software:

Read more: The Information.

  • Recently launched and trusted by over 10,000 already.

  • Unlimited sending accounts & warmup.

  • Start for free, no credit card required. - Instantly


4. Average mortgage rate rises to 7.09%, highest in 20 years

Home prices are slightly down since 2022, but nothing compared to the 2007-2008 crash

5. Bing remains at 3% global market share, even with ChatGPT integration

  • Same level since ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. - WSJ, Statcounter

6. Americans wrongly perceive opioids, guns as major threats to health, while cancer, heart disease actually top the list

What people believe:

What is actually killing people (U.S. 2022 data):

7. China fights CNY depreciation, sets trading band at record differential from market expectations

The CNY is at its most depreciated level since 2008, as fears of a housing crash grow

8. Elon apologizes for not yet releasing shadow-banning tool, developing “underway”

9. 52% of young Americans believe moderate drinking is detrimental to health

Americans think marijuana is the least harmful of the most common legal substances

  • The evidence shows just a bit of tobacco can shave years off your life, while alcohol and marijuana's side effects are more significant when abused in higher quantities. - Wikipedia

10. Interesting tweets, memes, and videos

11. Other headlines


  • Microsoft to offer open source models with Databricks, in blow to OpenAI.

  • Sakana AI: last Transformers co-author leaves Google to form startup.

  • Arthur Bench launches open-source tool to evaluate LLMs.

  • IBM Watson leader leaves and raises $60M for AI startup Elemental Cognition.


  • Instacart plans Sep. IPO, filing as soon as next week.

  • Microsoft to hold “special event” in NYC on Sep. 21, likely new Surfaces.

  • Ramp to raise $100M's at $5.5B valuation, from $8.1B in 2022.

  • Spotify paying white noise creators $38M/year.

  • WeWork landlords approach competitors, preparing for bankruptcy.

  • Match pauses background checks on Tinder and other apps.

  • Whatsapp to let users send HD photos.

  • Jack Dorsey quits Instagram, company he was an angel investor in.

  • Alphabet's Verily looks to spinoff, potentially in 2025.

  • India: top U.S. tech firms decry PC import curbs.


  • Novartis plans Sandoz spin-off for Oct. 4.

  • Moderna: new Eris variant Covid vaccine effective in Phase 1 trial.


  • Tesla cuts prices by as much as $10K in China.

  • China's 2023 growth forecast cut from 5.1% to 4.6%: Nomura.

  • China's EV car companies struggle to sell into Europe.


  • FTX to have $175M claim in Genesis bankruptcy claim, after asking for $4B.

  • OpenSea disables royalty enforcement, makes creator fees optional.

  • Tornado Cash sanctions lawsuit ends with Treasury winning.

U.S. politics

  • DeSantis memo for debate: defend Trump, hammer Vivek.

    • Trump plots counterprogramming, potential surrender.

  • April 2026: when Trump's legal team wants Jan. 6 trial.

  • Biden “very obsessed” with Hunter coverage, “stuck” with son.

    • Only 36% approve of his handling of the economy.

  • Jared Kushner slow to invest $3B raised from Saudis, others.

  • Trump cancels event to refute Georgia allegations.

    • GOP Georgia state lawmaker calls for investigation into DA.

    • Grand jurors face threat after identities shared online.

  • Canadian sentenced to 22 years for mailing poison to Trump.

  • Proud Boys: prosecutors seek 27-33 years for seditious conspiracy.

  • San Francisco car thefts continue to alarm residents.


  • F-16s: U.S. approves sending Ukraine fighters from Netherlands, Denmark.

  • Belarus would use nuclear weapons in event of “aggression”: Lukashenko.

  • U.S., Korea, Japan leaders meet today at Camp David.

  • Another drone attacks Moscow building, no casualties.

  • Russia recruits spies to target weapons crossing Poland (80% of total).

  • Turkish companies use tankers to help Russia evade oil sanctions.

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