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  • Super Bowl LVIII reached 123M viewers in U.S., ahead of last year’s 115M

Super Bowl LVIII reached 123M viewers in U.S., ahead of last year’s 115M

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  1. Super Bowl LVIII reached record 123M viewers in U.S.
  2. CPI expected at 0.2% MoM / 2.9% YoY
  3. Bitcoin crosses $50K for 1st time since 2021
  4. Arm stock +29% without clear motive, after Thu's earnings

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All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

All times are ET.

1. Super Bowl LVIII reached 123M viewers in U.S., ahead of last year’s 115M

Now it’s just behind the moon landing’s estimated 125M-150M viewers:

Gambling in Nevada also hit a new record

Temu spent an estimated $52M on 6 Super Bowl + a $10M giveaway, aiming at reversing falling sales since Dec.

Temu and Microsoft Copilot jumped on the iOS charts after their Super Bowl ads

Apple App Store.

2. CPI expected at 0.2% MoM / 2.9% YoY, as inflation stalls at ~3%, out today at 8:30 AM ET


4. Bitcoin crosses $50K for 1st time since 2021, as Founders Fund’s $200M repurchase revealed

5. Arm stock +29% without clear motive, continuing post-earnings rally

  • Stock +93% since Thursday’s earnings.

  • Thursday’s report was good, but not exceptional:

    • Q4 revenue was +14% YoY to $824M.

    • Net income margin of 11%, with $87M in profits.

Arm now trades at a 46 P/S, above even NVIDIA’s

6. Vision Pro-only apps: 52% are paid, vs. 5% for wider App Store

  • Small but rich userbase likely explains this.

  • 13% of Vision-only apps have subscriptions, and 35% are fully free.

  • Average price of $6, highest $98.

  • $1,089: cost to buy all apps.

7. X announces Creator Targeting: video ads targeted at specific creators’ audiences

8. Median customer acquisition cost (CAC) at software companies falls in H2 2023, after rising since 2021

SaaS sales difficulty appears to have topped:

9. China building 51% of world’s ships, potential advantage in global war

China’s navy fleet surpassed the U.S.’s in size in 2020

The U.S. may still have a technological advantage, but China has the numerical one:

10. Poland leads NATO in defense spending as % of GDP, as most countries stand below 2% commitment

11. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

12. Other headlines


  • 10K video game workers lost their jobs in 2023.

  • Xbox: Microsoft plans to launch some games for PS5, Switch.

    • Thu event to discuss Xbox’s vision for the future.

  • Bolt buys back shares at $300M valuation, after raising at $11B in 2021.

  • Threads testing news-related trending topics in U.S.

  • Homebrew targets $50M for new fund, after promoting evergreen model.

  • Top sales teams: 11 things that set them apart.

  • MindStudio: free webinar to start building AI apps in a single afternoon.*

  • Masterworks: invest in shares of paintings by Banksy and Picasso.*


Tech & law

  • Ohio law restricting minor use of social media blocked by federal judge.

  • Cruise names 1st “Chief Safety Officer” following controversy.

  • DOJ’s antitrust assistant attorney suggests more Big Tech lawsuits coming.

  • Starlink being used by Sudan paramilitary group.




  • CZ’s criminal sentencing postponed until Apr. 30.

  • Solana Saga 2 reaches 100K pre-sales, launch exp. early 2025.

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U.S. politics

  • $95B Ukraine, Israel aid expected to be passed by Senate today.

  • House speaker Johnson again criticizes Senate version.

  • Trump asks Supreme Court to keep D.C. election criminal trial on hold.

  • Lara Trump endorsed by Trump to be RNC co-chair.

  • Kamala Harris “ready to serve” as Biden faces age scrutiny.


  • Israel proposes Rafah evacuation, says Hamas, hostages there.

  • 6-week ceasefire for hostage release proposed by Biden.

  • Hezbollah, Israel ceasefire proposed by France.

  • Ukraine says Russia fired advanced hypersonic missile for 1st time.

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