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  • Team Copilot introduced by Microsoft: AI agent to book meetings, manage projects

Team Copilot introduced by Microsoft: AI agent to book meetings, manage projects

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Top stories today:

  1. Team Copilot, AI agents, introduced by Microsoft
  2. Phi-3-vision, open-source 4.2B language model, released
  3. Microsoft Edge to offer real-time video translation on sites like YouTube
  4. Google to include ads inside AI summaries
  5. Scale AI raises $1B at $13.8B, led by Accel

0. Data and calendar

All values as of 6 AM ET / 3 AM PT, other than S&P500 and NASDAQ close (4 PM ET / 1 PM PT).

All times are ET.

1. Team Copilot introduced by Microsoft: AI agent to book meetings, manage projects

2. Phi-3-vision, open-source 4.2B language model, released, claimed to be #1 of category

  • Only loses to GPT-4, which is closed-source and larger, according to the above chart released by Microsoft.

The Phi 3 SLMs (the non-vision models), released in April, had already outperformed all other SLMs

  • Insight on the economic trends and policies influencing our global economy.

  • Updates on the latest innovations from companies like Tesla, Microsoft and Nvidia.

  • Analysis on the high-stakes decisions from all markets.


4. Microsoft Edge to offer real-time video translation on sites like YouTube

5. Google to include ads inside AI summaries

Starting soon in the U.S.:

Google is also introducing Virtual Try-On on the Sponsored section of Shopping Ads

  • May 30, 2024 at 5:30pm

  • Hanahouse, 456 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

  • Tickets are free but registration is required


7. Scale AI raises $1B at $13.8B, led by Accel

It remains the #5 most valuable generative AI startup:

Other AI fundraising news

  • Humane AI looking to sell itself for $750M - $1B.

  • Snowflake’s talks to acquire Reka AI don’t advance.

  • New French startup H raises $220M for “full-AGI.”

  • Suno raises $125M at $500M for AI music creation.

8. 51% of swing state voters support TikTok ban, 33% oppose it

  • Poll surveyed “4,962 registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

9. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

10. Other headlines


  • GitHub Copilot gets extensions.

  • AWS says it's buying both older and newer NVIDIA GPUs.

  • Anthropic team claims progress in understand black box behind LLMs.

  • 2nd global AI safety summit gets security pledges from top companies.

  • Khanmigo AI to be free for K-12 teachers after Microsoft partnership.

  • Cara is an outbound B2B AI Sales Agent.*



  • Raspberry Pi confirms London IPO, eyeing June, ~$0.6B valuation.

  • Microsoft partners with Meta Quest to bring ‘Volumetric Apps.’

  • TikTok plays layoffs in operations, marketing.

  • Athyna: Hire high-quality, affordable remote talent.*

  • Sidebar: how to join the 21st century’s millionaires club.*

  • Swissnex in San Francisco invites you to a pitch night with eight of the most promising Swiss startups!*


Tech & law

  • Apple asks judge to dismiss antitrust lawsuit.


  • LabGenius, drug discovery biotech, raises $45M.

  • Aubrey de Grey, Peter Fedichev set to debate aging on Mon at 8 PM ET.


  • BHP has until 12 PM ET to announce firm bid for Anglo American.

  • Fed’s Collins, Mester want more data before rate cuts.

  • Boeing 777 Singapore Air flight leaves 1 dead after severe turbulence.

  • Japan’s 10-year bond yield hits 11-year high of 1.0%.


  • Farcaster, blockchain social network, raises $150M at likely $1B+ valuation.

  • Trump now accepts crypto donations.

  • Ethereum ETF proposal from Grayscale sees staking removed.

  • FTX former exec Ryan Salame should serve 5-7 years: prosecutors.

U.S. politics

  • Trump ends defense without testifying.

  • Mar-a-Lago raid included authorization for “deadly use of force.”

  • Fani Willis, judge presiding Trump’s GA case win primaries.


  • Saudi Arabia wants Israel to recognize Palestinian state before deal.

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