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  • Tesla Cybertruck available at $80K+ today, $61K model in 2025

Tesla Cybertruck available at $80K+ today, $61K model in 2025

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  1. Tesla Cybertruck available at $80K+, $61K model in 2025
  2. Anduril launches reusable anti-drone fighter RoadRunner
  3. OpenAI's $86B tender offer on track for Jan.
  4. Global smartphone shipments exp. to -5% to 1.16B in 2023

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1. Tesla Cybertruck available at $80K+ today, $61K model in 2025

Went viral: a marketing video of the Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911 while towing a 911

2. Anduril launches reusable anti-drone fighter RoadRunner

  • To cost “low-6 figures,” vs. $4M for a high-end Patriot missile, and $10K for an Iranian drone.

  • Manufacturing ramp-up up still ongoing.

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4. OpenAI's $86B tender offer on track, extended to January 5

5. Global smartphone shipments expected to -5% to 1.16B in 2023, then +3% in 2024

6. X sponsors “not coming back,” as CEO says “our principles do not have a price tag”

We continue to expect $2.9B as X's revenue in 2023:

  • “At least half a dozen marketing agencies said the brands they represent were standing firm against advertising on X, while others said they had advised advertisers to stop posting anything on the platform.”

  • Linda Yaccarino's memo to employees: “Our principles do not have a price tag, nor will they be compromised – ever. And no matter how hard they try, we will not be distracted by sideline critics who don’t understand our mission.”

U.S. MAUs have fallen below 60M, from a high of 73M in 2022

7. TikTok usage correlated to anti-Israel views among <30: study

  • TikTok CEO met with 40 Jewish tech leaders 4 weeks ago to address this.

  • Israel saw blueprint of Oct. 7 attack 1 year ago, but dismissed it.

  • Hamas-Israel war continues as ceasefire ends.

  • U.S. continues to pressure Israel on methods of war.

  • Mossad plans to hit Hamas leaders in Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar post-war.

8. Interesting videos, posts, and memes

9. Other headlines


  • Saudi fund forced by U.S.'s CFIUS to exit shares in Rain AI.

  • Meta's Yan Le Cun interview: how ChatGPT beat Galactica.

  • llamafile: easiest way to run LLMs on normal computers.

  • Brazilian local law written entirely by AI.

  • guidde AI allows you to create stunning video-based FAQs, how-to's, training docs.*



  • Tiger's $13B VC fund -18% YTD, with DuckDuckGo -72%, OpenSea -94%.

  • TikTok pledges to spend $13B in Europe over 10 years.

  • Dell's revenue -10% to $22.3B in quarter.

  • Some Apple silicon chips to be packaged in AZ, after $2B investment.

  • RCS reaches 1B MAUs, adds Telegram-style Photomojis.

  • Action button coming to entire iPhone 16 lineup.

  • The CEO Report: become a better leader by subscribing, 100% free.*


Tech & law

  • TikTok ban in Montana found unconstitutional by judge.

  • Meta sues FTC, arguing in-house trials violate Constitution.

  • UK appeals court rules in favor of CMA, against Apple.

  • Google asks UK's CMA to take action against Microsoft Cloud.


  • Pepper Bio raises $6.5M, touts ‘transomics’ as cure to high dev costs.

  • XPRIZE Healthspan's Jamie Justice: interview.

  • Taiwan urges elderly, young not to fly to China due to respiratory illnesses.


  • OPEC+ agree to another 0.9M barrel/day voluntary cut.

  • The Free Press, Bari Weiss's website, reaches 520K subscribers, 75K paying.

  • UK opens review on Zucker's purchase of Daily Telegraph, Spectator.

  • Vox Media cuts 4% of staff, after 7% cut in March.


  • FTX estate continues to sell smaller cryptos.

  • Coinbase's law enforcement requests 3x's to 13K since 2020.

  • DraftKings's Polygon validator was subsidized even before expulsion.

U.S. politics


  • Beijing subsidizing Taiwanese politicians’ trips to China.

  • Putin seizes Pulkovo airport from foreign investors.

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