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  • Tirzepatide for weight loss (Zepbound) approved by FDA, has higher efficacy vs. Ozempic

Tirzepatide for weight loss (Zepbound) approved by FDA, has higher efficacy vs. Ozempic

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Top stories today:

  1. Tirzepatide for weight loss (Zepbound) approved by FDA
  2. Humane AI Pin to be launched today, likely $699 + $24/mo
  3. GitHub announces Copilot Enterprise for $39/mo, out in Feb.
  4. Israel: U.S. strikes Syria, negotiating 3-day pause for 15 hostages
  5. NASA Plus, free streaming service, launches
  6. U.S. population to peak at 370M in 2080: Census projection

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All times are ET.

1. Tirzepatide for weight loss (Zepbound) approved by FDA, has higher efficacy vs. Ozempic

Its U.S. list price is $1,060, around its main competitors

2. Humane AI Pin to be launched today, likely $699 + $24/mo

  • $24/mo includes a phone number and cell data on T-Mobile.

  • Uses OpenAI and Microsoft models.

  • Comes with 2 “battery boosters” which can be swapped in.


4. GitHub announces Copilot for Enterprise for $39/mo, out in Feb.

Watch the GitHub Universe 2023 keynote here

5. Israel: U.S. strikes Syria facility, negotiating 3-day pause for 15 hostages

  • U.S. strikes Iran-linked weapons storage facility in Syria.

  • 3-day pause being negotiated in exchange for 15 hostages.

  • Blinken: post-war Gaza should be run by Palestinian Authority.

  • 130 tunnel entrances destroyed by IDF.

  • Houthis shoot down U.S. drone in Yemen.

  • White House condemns Rep. Tlaib for “from the river to the sea.”

6. NASA Plus, free streaming service, launches

7. U.S. population to peak at 370M in 2080: Census projection

Our view: population growth helps curb the CCP threat

  • Current trends will decrease China's population advantage vs. the U.S. from 4x to 2x, as China's population is expected to decrease from 1.4B to 800M over the century.

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9. Other headlines



Tech earnings

  • SoftBank's revenue +1% YoY to $21.4B in Q2-Q3.

  • Disney's revenue +5% to $21.2B in Q3; streaming still losing money.

  • Take-Two (GTA maker)'s bookings -4% to $1.44B.

  • Lyft's revenue +10% to $1.16B, vs. Uber's +11%.

  • Twilio's revenue +5% to $1.03B.

  • Arm's revenue +28% to $806M, as P/S remains at 17.

  • Roblox's bookings +20% to $839.5M.

  • Instacart's revenue +14% to $764M.

  • NYT's revenue +9% to $598M, 10.2M subscribers.

  • Hubspot's revenue +26% to $558M.


  • Quantum startup Photonic raises $100M from Microsoft, others.

  • Disney+, Hulu to launch beta of unified app next month.

  • GM recalling all 950 Cruise autonomous cars for software update.

  • One Medical reduced from $199/yr to $99/yr for Prime members.

  • Signal testing usernames, to avoid phone requirement.

  • Steve Wozniak suffers possible stroke in Mexico.

  • Snap lays off 20 product managers.

  • Sidebar is a leadership program that accelerates your career.*

  • Sportradar: NBA player tracking measures usage like never before.*


Tech & law

  • SpaceX wins order blocking suit claiming it did not hire foreigners.

  • India, Twitter, other platforms colluded to censor.

  • Google offered Epic $147M to launch Fortnite on Play Store.

  • Zuckerberg rejected initiatives to curb teen use: court filings.

  • Apple suffers setback in $14B EU tax bill.



  • Griffin: peace dividend over, higher rates, inflation for longer.

  • Powell doesn't comment on outlook for rates, economy.

  • Fed's Goolsbee: Fed needs to monitor risks of rate overshooting.

  • Actor strike over as SAG-ASTRA, studios reach deal.


  • FTX restart: Bullish, Figure Tech, Proof Group compete to buy exchange.

  • Jump Crypto investigated by SEC for role in Terra, Luna collapse.

  • Grayscale talking to SEC about spot Bitcoin ETF.

  • Emmer amendment could curb funding for SEC's enforcement actions.

U.S. politics

  • Haley, Ramaswamy trade barbs at 3rd GOP debate.

  • Trump won't attend 4th, final debate.

  • Senate votes 50-48 to overturn Biden's “Buy America” for EVs, veto likely.

  • Glenn Youngkin, Virginia gov., won't run for president in 2024.

  • Ivanka Trump testifies at NY civil trial.

  • 71% of CA adults think kids will be worse off financially.



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