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  • Vision Pro to launch on Feb 2., pre-orders starting Jan. 19

Vision Pro to launch on Feb 2., pre-orders starting Jan. 19

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Top stories today:

  1. Vision Pro to launch on Feb 2., pre-orders starting Jan. 19
  2. OpenAI responds publicly to NYT lawsuit
  3. Wi-Fi 7 certification kicked off by Wi-Fi Alliance
  4. Carta exits secondary trading business, running at $370M ARR

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1. Vision Pro to launch on Feb 2., pre-orders starting Jan. 19

Apple released a new ad showing popular movie characters putting on headsets

2. OpenAI responds publicly to NYT lawsuit

Read more: Bloomberg.

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4. Wi-Fi 7 certification kicked off by Wi-Fi Alliance

  • Potential for 2 Gbps internet on wireless.

  • 233M devices expected to enter market in 2024.

    • 2.1M devices by 2028.

  • Focus is reliability for things like high-bandwidth streaming, low-latency gaming.

5. Carta exits secondary trading business, running at $370M ARR

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7. Other headlines


  • Parag Agrawal raises $30M for enterprise AI startup.

  • NVIDIA to launch China-focused AI chips in Q2.

  • NVIDIA's new GPUs aimed at running AI at home.

  • Robotics-related generative AI unveiled by NVIDIA.

  • Getty, NVIDIA launch Generative AI by iStock.


  • CES 2024 live stream.

  • Sony previews new “spatial” VR headset.

  • ByteDance in talks to sell gaming assets with many, including Tencent.

  • Unity to lay off 25% of workforce, 1,800 jobs.

  • Duolingo cuts 10% of contractors, stock +3%.

  • Waymo robotaxis to operate on highways, a 1st.

  • Tinder parent Match gets activist Elliott owning ~10%.

  • TikTok implements restrictions on hashtag search.

  • iPhone survives 16K-foot drop of Alaska Airlines plane.

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Tech & law

  • Apple challenges EU labeling 5 App Stores as 1 service.

  • Biden releases rules that may force gig workers to be treated as employees.

  • House panel urges Biden to curb China's dominance of older-gen chips.

  • Beijing claims to have cracked AirDrop system to identify senders.


  • Anura MagicMirror measures facial blood flow for diagnostics.

  • Vasa raises $6M seed to target cardiovascular aging, frailty.


  • Boeing probe focuses on door plug as United, Alaska find loose bolts.

  • United finds multiple panels with problems on Boeing 737 MAX planes.

  • Golden Globes on CBS sees 9.4M viewers.

  • Tiger Woods, Nike suggest split after 27 years.

  • Arrived: learn how to invest as little as $100 in fractional real estate, which has outperformed the S&P500 over the past 20 years.*



  • Bitcoin ETF hopefuls submit updated filings on Mon.

  • Grayscale lowers proposed fee to 1.5%, still much above peers.

U.S. politics

  • House GOP members disapprove of $1.59T budget pact.

  • Trump immunity oral arguments in D.C. Court of Appeals at 9:30 AM ET.

  • Trump suggests Biden indictment for border, Afghanistan if elected.

  • Trump asks Maine Court to pause 14A suit until SCOTUS decision.


  • Israel may not allow Palestinians to go to northern Gaza without deal.

  • Blinken: Houthis will face “consequences” for continued attacks.

  • Israel kills senior Hezbollah commander in Lebanon.

  • China's Tianqiao is 82th largest property owner in U.S.

  • Russia arrests another U.S. citizen, charged with attempt drug trafficking.

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