Winners and losers of the week

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0. Weekly performance

1. Winners of the week

1.1 Microsoft and its CEO Satya Nadella

1.2 Google

1.3 OpenAI's employees and investors

  • Their stock valuation almost went from $86B to $0, but that was reversed in 5 days. After Sam Altman was fired by the old board, 98% of the company's employees pledged to leave to Microsoft, which would likely have destroyed OpenAI.

    • Yet, the pressure worked: the board quickly reverted its decision, 3 out of 4 board members resigned, and the new board is now pro-Altman.

2. Neutral


Its results were exceptional, with revenue 3x YoY to $18.1B and net income 14x to $9.2B

  • Beautiful operational leverage, with a rise in product sales and prices with operating expenses being little changed.

However, markets did not love NVIDIA's outlook of $20B in revenue for Q4, so the stock was -3.1% for the week

  • It would still be 2.61x the revenue of Q4 2022, $7.643T.

3. Losers of the week

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